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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Lil' Miss. Firefly

This dr. sketchy's post is far overdue- it occured on December 21st, however, I left the venue late at night and then drove to Colorado Springs early the next morning for Christmas vacation, and have not been reunited with my scanner until now. I would have to say that this Dr. Sketchy's was by far, the most exciting and interesting one for me, thanks to Crystal, AKA, "Lil' Miss Firefly". She is a 25 year old 27 inch tall woman, who had more character packed into her than I thought possible. I had been long awaiting this particular Dr. Sketchy's ever since I discovered Miss. Firefly, a sideshow performer, and began coercing those with powers to get her at Dr. Sketchys. I even provided the "stage" to help make up for her shortness so people in the back could see. It is really a ramp that I took from the skate park.

I was not overly pleased with my drawings, and blame it on the fact that she has bodily porportions that I am not used to drawing. However, she has inspired me to begin a nice painting from some of my photos that I will use in the valentine's day show in February- stayed tune for that, it will be much better.

Glass walking is one of Miss. Firefly's many specialties.

And so is the splits. Adrienne, who has posed before as a member of the Junkettes, is good friends with Crystal, and did some posing as well this time. The juxtoposition of the two contrasting heights was really fun.

And at the end, me, her, and my drawing.

Another thing that was really fun about this Dr. Sketchy's was that Vivienne Vavoom didn't give out the gifts as she usually does, but instead every sketcher brought a white elephant gift to contribute to the prize pile. Buddha actually showed up, and I ended up taking his white elephant gift home, an original peice of artwork that he airbrushed. Here is it sitting on top of the phone, until I can find a good frame for it:

I know that it is 2009 already, but this will still be counted as a 2008 post for when I print them all, since I was just behind on posting. The same might be true for the next post. I don't know. I haven't started 2009 yet, like the rest of the world.


Clyde said...

That truly was a treat. If the fireplace hadn't been stoked already, maybe she woulda breathed fire for us.

Naomi said...

Holy jumpin jiminy, that would have been spectacular!