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Monday, December 31, 2012

Art rage

Ok I'm already at it again and it's not even next year yet! I just wanted to show you the cool art I can make on my IPad. I use a program called artrage. This is a drawing of Roxanne I did while she posed for me on the couch the other night.

Ok now I can't find all the other pictures I was going to show. Maybe I really should quit for the night.


Testing Blogsy

It's about two hours until 2013 and I am sitting by the cozy fire using my new iPad that I got from my parents for Christmas. I was thinking that the IPad might make my blog (something that used to bring me a lot of joy) a lot easier to maintain. Anything I can do while sitting on the couch is much more likely to get done. However, the IPad means the posts will also be much lower quality- photos taken from my phone's camera and many typos and silly autocorrect.

So I just spent 4.99 on a blogging app called "Blogsy" and after watching the tutorial how to videos, I'm excited to get started and try out some of the great features. First, I'm going to try to pull in a picture- it's supposed to be really easy.

Ah, there. This is a picture of my gingerbread house this year. Remember last years gingerbread party? This year went much better. People took their houses very seriously (probAbly because of my threatening invitation), and there were some amazing results. Here's some of my favorites:

Heather made the super cool sugar skull house. Everything she does turns out beautiful.
This is a trailer park ginger bread house with a white trash nativity scene. Everything is edible except the car. Even the PBR cans and tires lining the driveway.
This picture doesn't show how cool this house that Jodi made is. She used melted jolly ranchers for the stained glass windows and then it lights up from the inside.

This is Rockets "rocket" gingerbread house.

This one Roxanne made. Her and I found these awesome twizzlers at the grocery store that were multicolored.

Well I feel like I'm pushing my luck now and I better go ahead and publish this post. I already lost everything once and had to retype it all. And I need to go get myself a glass of wine so I can be sipping it by the fire when midnight arrives.


How do I make that a bigger font? Oh. Like that.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Chalk Art Festival 2012

So, this is going to be my synopsis of the Chalk Art Festival this year.  If you're on facebook, you probably already saw all these pictures, but now I'm just adding words. 
This is what I did last year:  
The first thing I had to do was write my sponsor's name up top.  The sponsor pays money for their name to be near my art, and they hope for that to be good advertising for them. 
Then I started in with the outline of my image:
I included this image because it shows the photograph that I was working from.  It's a picture of Roxanne making a funny face.  Also, notice the chalks in the square container.  They are chalks made by Terry Ludwig.  They are super super nice and he let me go into his factory and buy dinged pieces for a discount.  I watched the other artists struggle with their lower quality chalks and felt a little guilty.  Also, Terry came by a few times to check up on me and make sure the chalks were working good for me.  I felt superior and lucky to have such a valuable connection. 
And this is just another picture of me getting started...
Now this picture is telling.  It is me staring up into the ominous rain clouds lurky in the sky.  Rain clouds are chalk art festivals' worst enemy. 
Just about every kid that came by, imitated the picture so their parents could take a picture.  A couple adults did it too.  I didn't anticipate my design being so interactive in that way, but it was perfect. 
This was when it began to rain.  The artists kept pretty calm, although they looked sad.  The public acted like someone was dying, and I felt a little weird about that.  I didn't know how to respond to that.  I didn't want to be like "oh whatever, I dont care", but I didn't want to act like I was devestated either because that would be embarressing.  Looking back though, I think it was a good part of the experience.  It was an interesting step in the process, and I do believe this was about the process more than the outcome.  It forced the artists to stop what they were doing and bond with each other.  People who are emotional about the same thing bond easier.  I think I learned most people's names while it was raining. 
The rain continued for maybe an hour and a half. Not knowing when or if it would stop was the most difficult part. 
This is a picture of it in the process of drying.  The brighter parts of the painting are the dry parts and the darker parts are still saturated.  Matt and I walked down the street to a bar and had a drink while we waiting for it to dry completely.  And speaking of Matt, he was the most wonderful assistant I could have ever asked for.  When I think of him on those two days, it's proof he really loves me.  Because he stayed out there in the heat and the rain, and got me whatever I needed, making trips to and from the car, or whatever.  He probably did the same amount of work, but I got all the credit.  None of the thousands of people that walked by ever said "wow, you're doing a really good job!" to him- they just said that to me.  But he did everything he did, just because he loves me. 

After the rain, I worked for abother 4-5 hours until it got too dark to see my colors anymore.  By the time I left Saturday night, I had my picture back to the condition it was in before the storm.  I was especially excited that night that I had gotten a plot under the romantic Larimer lights.  Then when we got in the car to go sleep on someone's floor, like we had the night before, Matt surprised me by telling me that he had booked us a hotel room.  Hotel rooms are my favorite thing ever. 

And this is my butt getting back to work early Sunday morning.  The heat and crowds became unbearable really quickly. 

This was one of my favorite pictures of my piece that I found online. 

And this is the final product.  The picture was taken by the chalk art association.  I think from a ladder. 

I had to leave early Sunday because Friday was sick and in the hospital.  Also because the kids were really hot and really cranky.  But at around 6, my good friend Kyle called me to tell me I had just won the category for "best use of color"- which is a huge honor.  There is over 200 artists, and only 9 categories with winners. 
I didn't really take many pictures of the rest of the festival- mostly because by the time I was done with my piece, the crowds made it nearly impossible to view anyone elses.  But you can view all of the winners here

We are supposed to close on our new (to us) home in Denver tomorrow.  I hope to be able to be a more consistant and interesting blogger after that, since moving to a new house will make most of the problems in my life dissapear, thus making it easier for me to be a perfect person.  I know a lot of people are looking forward to that happening. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


So the plan is that we're moving... if God wills it so (I always add that to show God that I still know he is in control, so that he doesn't do something drastic to remind me)  This is a dream come true.  The map above is an illustration mostly for people that don't live in Denver so that you can visualize the city.  The blue little car at the bottom represents where we live now- it is a car because living so far south means we spend a lot of time in the car driving north.  The yellow money sign is the house we are under contract to buy.  It is a money sign because moving is as good as winning a bunch of money.  The purple telephone is sort of where Luke and Sarah live.  It's a phone sign because mostly we only communicate through calling and text because we live so far away from each other- it can take an hour or more to get to and from each others homes.  The star is where most of the cool stuff happens in Denver, and thus, we we end up driving to a lot.  Oh, I forgot to add something to show where Matt works.  That's important too- and it's why we couldn't move right into the middle of the star (well... because it's too far from matt's work and because he doesn't make a million dollars a year which is what houses in the middle of the star cost).  Matt's work is like where the two major interstates cross at the bottom of the map. I also didn't add where my parents live.  That would probably be right about at your space key on your keyboard.  But even though we'll be farther from them, they are happy because it will be easier to see both their kids (and grandkids) when they come to Denver without having to go to opposite ends of the city... although I don't think my mom has ever realized how far apart Luke and I live because she often calls me and says "I'm leaving Luke's house now, so I'll see you in 20 minutes"... ummm... more like an hour.
Ok this post is the worst one I've ever posted on my blog.  If I were reading it on someone else's blog, I would have quit by now.  Sorry.
Also, I just noticed when I published this post that for some reason some of my words are being turned into links to advertisements.... lame.  And in the first line, when I say "if God wills it so", the word "wills" is linked to an advertisement about writing a will... making this post even lamer than I thought it was already going to be. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lazy Post

This is a lazy post.  I'm pulling pics over from Facebook to try to update the blog. 

Did a fun body painting event.  Had a PERFECT model.  I also painted a suitcase this same way.  

I'm painting a piano to go on the 16th street mall. 

The 16th street mall is a very touristy location. Most of the people there are tourists or homeless people.  With the pianos on the mall, pianists can play for tips from the tourists. 
The "Downtown Denver Partnership", who arranged this painted piano program rejected my first two designs.  In the below picture my fish is saying "I sleep on the 16th street mall at night" because right now the city is trying to pass an ordinance to ban homeless people from sleeping on the mall at night (currently at night around 200 people sleep on the streets of the outdoor mall).  Some say the ordinance is trying to "shoo" them away to some other neighborhood... some say it's motivated by compassion.  I'm not sure. 

The evil DIA horse is on one side of it... 
And this is the bench: 

The toilet seats finally went up in the penny bathroom: 

All of the seats (minus the ones turned in really really late).  Mine is the open mouth one and the one baby doll face in the lower left.  Roxanne is the one in the lower right and the mona lisa one two over from it. 

One of the stalls: 
Roxanne was Laura Ingalls Wilder for a school presentation.  Isn't she such a darling?!
Over spring break, Roxanne and Elise painted their faces: 
And I used the "percolator" on this picture:
Also.... we are under contract to sell our house.  
I have dreamed my ENTIRE life of not living in Highlands Ranch, and it seems that my life long dream is almost about to come true!!! I really can't believe it, but we haven't actually closed yet (May 22), so I dont want to jinx it by getting my hopes too high.  Haven't started looking for a new house but I have incredible dreams of living closer than 30 minutes away from Denver.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shut Up, little BLOG!

Really??? I don't need to take this from you!!! You are an awful blog! I cant stand you! Stop trying to make me feel guilty about having not posted.  I'm not going to let you manipulate me like that.  Stop staring at me every time I have a free second! It's not going to make me feel bad enough to post even though I don't feel like it! Cause really, I hardly ever have a free second.  With trying to sell the house and a bizillion other things, you are like my last priority.  That's right.  You are not that important.  You weren't that good of blog to start with.  You were constantly nagging me and bullying me into doing things I really didn't feel like doing.  I only posted on you to look good for other people anyways.  I don't have to prove myself like that!
OK ok ok.... I'll get to posting again sometime.  But not because you told me to.  Just because I want to.... but maybe I don't! You'll have to deal with that. 

PS This blog title is a reference to the movie "Shut Up Little Man".  I got it off Netflix. Now shut your mouth and go away. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Draw Something

If you're not playing "Draw Something" on your phone, you should be. And you should be playing with me. It's way too much fun. It's like pictionary, but better because you play at your convenience (not in real live time), and you get to finish your picture (as opposed to be interrupted as soon as the word is guessed). And you get points that you can buy more colors with!!! Sometimes I play the game against Roxanne at night while she is in bed and I'm downstairs whatching tv (yes... she has her own ipod...). When she stops playing her turn, I know that she must have fallen asleep.
These are some of my favorite drawings that I've done while playing against various people: