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Thursday, June 28, 2007

We moved into our new Colorado home about a week ago, and although there is a lot more settling to do, the majority of it has been done. Throughout the closing process, I second guessed my decision about the house a lot, but now that I have lived in the house, I really appreciate the way it feels around me when I am in it. In this blog, I am presenting a selection of pictures of my favorite places in the house.

This rug is in the kitchen. It is special because it has three different colored sections- one for each of the kids and me. We like to each sit in our seperate sections and talk. I'm not in this picture, cause I took the picture, but if I were in the picture, I would be sitting in the middle section. It doesn't have a fourth section because Matt is usually at work, but even if he weren't he probably wouldn't be rug sitting with us. Now I'll tell you the truth about the rug. I got it at The Great Indoors, and it is actually the manufacturer's sample peice to show customers what three colors they make that print of rug in. But I still like it.

This picture is part of the mantle over the fire place in our "sitting room". It is a room off of our bedroom and I like it a lot because it feels hidden. This room contains most of the clutter in my house. It is good for that, because normally I feel very conflicted about whether to decorate my house with inspiring or sentimental things that end up cluttering my spaces (but satisfy my creative side), or to keep my house very simple and peaceful so that I don't feel anxious. In my new home, I have set aside this space as a place where it is OK to set my artistic urges free, even if that means completely covering the walls and shelves with things that mean things to me (like old pictures of my grandma and highschool license plates). The rest of my house, however, must remain slightly empty and open so that my mind can stay the same way.

This might sound silly to you, but Matt and I have had a long term argument about turning off the lights at night. You see, he always gets into bed before me. I think he does that on purpose but he says he doesn't. Then he says that the last person to get into bed has to turn off the lights. So that is usually me. But I hate turning off the lights and then walking in the dark to the bed because I can't see. He doesn't believe me. He says I can see. But I can't. I know I should have taken care of this problem a long long time ago, but I didn't until yesterday. Now I can leave my nightstand light on and get in bed and then turn it off. Our marriage has been much better since.

When we left our house in Utah, I thought it was a shame that we were leaving on the first year that our flowers bloomed. Boy was I wrong! Our new house has hundreds and hundreds of flowers! It has roses and lillies and daisies and ones I don't even know what they are. We love to cut them and bring them inside to enjoy. I have been trying to take full advantage of them, knowing that I might not be able to keep them alive for much longer.

This clock came with the house. I think it is goes well with the globe below it, because the two round shapes compliment eachother well. It also reminds me of how the earth's orbit and time are two cycles that are entertwined. You can also see my tricolored rug in the background.

This face hangs above the front door. When I first hung it up, it hung straight. Then after the first time someone shut the door, it hung sideways. I will probably fix it.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Southern California Google Map
I've had quite a blast exploring Southern California while Matt is at work. I've hopped around between museums, zoos and beaches, all while soaking up a liberal serving of sun, and, ofcourse, toting my lovely children along with me. Want to feel like you are touring LA with me? Visit my very own interactive google map! Click here:

Naomi's tour of Southern California