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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

California Dreamin
Alright, so I am really behind. Since coming to California, my life has taken an adventurous turn. However, internet access has been limited. Besides the fact that there is limitless things to do out here, there is also a few family members. Today I asked Rocket if he would rather live here in California or go to live in Colorado, and he said "hmmm... I could live in either, just as long as there are cousins where I live" Cousins are probably Rocket and Roxanne's favorite part about California. My favorite part would have to be either the many beaches or the many museums.
A couple of weeks ago while visiting the California cousins, Elias and Emma, who are nearly the same ages as Rocket and Roxanne, we went to the In-and-Out Burger by the LAX airport and ate on the lawn while watching airplanes fly in for landings straight over our heads. It made for some pretty cool pictures.

Aunt Becca


Elias and Rocket

Me... I actually saw a guy acting like this every time an airplane came in, and he wasn't posing for a camera like me.

Roxy- the flowering tree was a beautiful site too.