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Sunday, January 25, 2009


The word "blogpourri" is a fusion of the words "blog" and "potpourri", meaning an assortment of miscallenous blogs. That is what this post is. The medly is arranged in no particular order, despite the fact that they are numbered.

1. Dipping Sauce Recipe. Perhaps my Concoctions Recipe Book will include a chapter on dipping sauces, because I sure do like concocting dipping sauces. My sugar fast is going to take quite a toll on my concocting skills... *sigh*

Anyways- this is a good dipper sauce for chicken nuggets:
1 part sour cream
1 part mayonaisse
1/2 part bbq sauce
1/4 part worsestercire sauce
1/4 part powdered parmesan cheese

2. Doggy Lickin Skin Therapy. Ever since I have had a little doggy licking my face on a regular basis, I have had far fewer zits and white heads. Is it possible that doggy saliva or doggy tongues have achne healing powers?? Should I be embaressed to tell you this???

3. A Call from Christopher Dodge World. Me and my neighbor Colleen (who's last name is Christiansen) have a tradition of answering the phone as obnoxiously as possible when the other one calls. The other day the phone rang, and I glanced at the caller ID, and saw just the first part of the caller's identity which was "Christ...." and I assumed it was Colleen so I answered in a freakin LOUD and screaching voice "HALLOW?!?! I was JUST about to CAWL YOU!!!!"... but it was not Colleen. It was Jason from Christopher Dodge calling to see how we were enjoying our new van (which was bought to replace the totalled one). Jason responded to my boisterous greeting "well... I hope that means you are enjoying your new van!"

4. Speaking of Colleen... Colleen gave me a late Christmas gift that, little does she know, I have held dear to my heart in the past couple of weeks. It was a chocolate pair of praying hands. It is extremely symbolic to me at this time, because it reminds me that in order to resist the temptations of sugar, I must rely on the power of the Lord. Along with that gift she also included a book about places that dead bodies are buried, and a fortune telling book. The later two gifts have not been quite as important as the first, except only to remind me how incredibly random my dear neighbor is.

5. Falling Burger Sales. I had a dream the other night that due to the slower economy, fast food restaurants started doing door to door sales. The sales people would walk the neighborhood wearing a backpack full of burgers. When they would approach the house, they would tap on the front window and show you their burgers through the window pane. If you were interested, you would answer the door and buy a burger from them. If you were not interested, you would signal to them to go away, at which time they would smear the greasy burger on the window and then take a white board marker and write on your window "Have a yucky day" (they were actually even trained to write this backwards so that you could read it from the opposite side of the window pane). One day when this happened to us, I had my own white board marker and vengfully replied on the window "You too!" That was a strange dream.

6. A Poem About Roxanne and Me.

I once knew a girl that was a butterfly
With wings that open and close when she shut her eye.

As the song on her lips begin to stutter I
Try to catch them in my net but they flutter by

When her tippy toes landed on the pistol of a flower
I pounced and sank my claws and tried to devour.

But her tempting sweetness quickly turned sour
As I discovered that, like a bee, she has stinging power.


Stephanie said...

I am trying to decide if you had a sticker or tatoo on Roxannes forhead, I am sure she would love it, or if you magically did it with your computer. I still dont know. I proably never will. And that is your magic.

It makes me a little sad to see how our children are growing bigger. But only a little, cause I do not want a 3 year old forever.

Naomi said...

It's a sticker. She is almost always wearing a butterfly sticker on her forhead... but we are almost out of the stickers so I might go buy more for her and make her earn them somehow.
I personally think it would love better if it weren't so centered- maybe on the cheek.

Colleen said...

First of all, am I not the coolest gift giver? Who would think to give postcards of dead people for a Christmas gift?
Secondly, your poem amazes me and I am so jealous that I can't write poetry that magnificent!