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Friday, September 14, 2007

Pictures of Roxy

Rocket often accuses me of loving Roxanne more than I love him because I take more pictures of her than him. While I may love one child more than the other, I won't tell who it is, and it's not neccessarily the one I take the most pictures of. I just like taking pictures of Roxanne more than Rocket because she is prettier. But, I dont want him to feel unloved, because I really do love him, so sometimes I take pictures of him on my digital camera and then delete them later when he is not watching. Look how perfect they are for each other. Sometimes I think they are in love- but in a brother and sister kind of way, I guess. Can you tell how much Rocket loves to pose for the camera?

This is Roxanne's "lady" face. It is very sophisticated!

Roxy got this dolly from my mom for her birthday. She named her "Miss Heart". Miss Heart and Roxanne wear the same size clothes, so Roxanne loves to dress her up in all kinds of unmatching tacky outfits, that I would never let Roxanne wear out of the house. Miss Heart also has green eyes, just like Roxanne. Miss Heart is almost a clone of Roxanne.

I gave Roxanne these boots for her birthday. She has worn them every day since. Gosh... she is one spoiled little girl, isn't she?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Four Year Old!
Yesterday we celebrated Roxanne's fourth birthday. She has come a long way since her third brithday. She can tell you her age and name now, as well as coming all the way to Colorado, which means she had lots of wonderful cousins come to her birthday party!
Among the exciting presents she received, her daddy gave her the best gift- a little kitty which she named Necklace. Her prayer before dinner was this "Dear Jesus, thank you for the kitty. Jesus, don't lose this kitty. Amen." Jesus lost her last kitty.

After eating cake, the kids (and Grandpa) played "pin the lips on the mermaid". During the week prior we had created an underwater scene to play the game on. Everybody contributed something to the scene, even Matt (but not much). When we played the game at the party, Milo put his set of lips on the fish to the left of the mermaid! I think Grandpa was the only one who didn't cheat, though.