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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Orange Peel At Dr. Sketchy's

I haven't posted about Dr. Sketchy's in a while for fear that it was becoming a little redundant- especially to the not-so-artsy type. However, this past Sunday's Dr. Sketchy was so much fun that I just can't help but share. Orange Peel Moses, a local Denver performer posed for us and blessed us with his eccentric costumes and hilarious dances. I almost fell in love with the guy. I tried to make a stop motion video (as seen above) in order to convey how freakin awesome his dance was, but really it only gives you a glimpse.

This is Peel with my drawing of him at the end:
This is my drawing of him wearing an owl mask: Which I only included in this blog, because also wanted to show you this: This is Roxanne's drawing which she did off of my drawing the next day at home. I felt like her drawing was more impressive than mine. Picasso would have been delighted, I think.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Loveliest Children in the World....
They decided to "decorate" eachother tonight... and they were quite proud of themselves.

Friday, October 09, 2009

With Roxanne now in Kindergarten, I have found increasing pressure from myself and others, to make my time more profitable. I have known for a while, that I don't work well with others, so I have decided to try my hand in the Etsy world (where coworkers don't exist). I strategically decided to open my Etsy store, entitled "Nomi's Orphanage" today- two days before the grand opening of the Highlands Ranch Super Target, so as to provide some healthy competition in the suburbs. So go check out my store:

As you browse through my merchandise, don't forget to take note of my lovely model, Juliana (seen above), who agreed to model for me in exchange for me dying her hair turquoise. I made true on my promise, and hope to come up with some more items for her to display on my site before her lovely turquoise hair fades.

As of now, I have already sold THREE items on my first day open! I am super excited about it, especially because two of my customers were complete strangers-which means they weren't just buying from me to make me feel good, and I take that as a HUGE compliment!