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Monday, December 31, 2007

Cheaterwads, Cursing, and Gorrillas

Christmas was just great. Matt and I received the delux version of Scrabble, which made us think we ought to try the game out. Sarah and Luke, who are Scrabble pros, taught us how to play. It turns out, Matt is a natural Scrabble genius. He came up with 94 points in one turn, with the word "cursing", which is exactly what I felt like doing. The best word I came up with was "cheaterwads", which would have counted for a whole lot of points had it not been for my opponents, who were cheaterwads themselves. After we completed the game, I insisted that everyone pose for a picture so that I could try out my favorite Christmas gift, which was the "gorrilla". It is the Gumbi of tripods that will perch onto any object for easy picture taking on a timer!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Freckle Fairy A painting. For my cousin. For Christmas. Cute.
If you're into that kinda thing.

Dr. Sketchy's Delivers

Oh yes, Dr. Sketchy's Art school has been the best part of Denver so far. December's model was a fabulously curvacious woman who's curves I usually only dream of. This last time, I actually won another gift certificate to Capelli Floral, which came in handy when my neighbor went into the hospital last week, proving that not only does the Dr. deliver sparkling models and cocktails, but also pays off in other ways too. I have also made a few artsy fartsy friends there, which is something I have been praying for (cause I hate feeling like the only freako in this world). Enjoy AnaBella:

"2008 Yo"

These are the 12 images I designed to go into the 2008 calendar I made for Sarah for Christmas. If you are over the age of 30, you wouldn't understand.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Joy To The World

I finished this diptict of two paintings yesterday in church. I completed the two works over a period of eight sermons about the hymn "Joy To The World". One of the wooden boards was on the right side of the sancuary and one was on the left side, and I alternated between the two boards every sermon. Tonight, the two boards will come together (as seen in the picture), and you should be able to recognize the word "joy" that is formed throughout the picture. The project was great fun and a wonderful way to worshipfully contemplate the truly colorful story that is the Nativity for the last four weeks.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Haverland Elf Family

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the Haverlands were an elf family living at the North Pole? Ok well... click on the link below anyways (you won't regret it).

Happy Thanksgiving... a little late.

I realize that this post is out of order and overdue. But better late than never. Thanksgiving was delightful for us- again reminding us of the many blessings that stop by our house occasionally for which we are incredibly thankful.

This was the first time I got to get out almost every color of dish I have. I have been collecting them from thrift shops over the past year, and I have always wanted to sit them all out on a table at once- it reminds me of an artist pallette. Notice the Christmas tree in the background- it has been up since November 5th. Also, notice Sarah over to the left crocheting... I don't know what that was all about- she was being weird the whole day.

At any given tme during the day, if you had stopped by our house you may have encountered any of the following: someone snoring on the couch, a pilgrim killing an Indian child, someone who had been sitting on the potty for over a half hour, someone starting a fire, someone devasted and pounding their head on the ground, or someone crocheting. And I was emensly thankful for each and every one of them!
The fire was quickly contained and Matt successfully fried the turkey- which is a dream come true for him. We all felt lucky to be able to witness this monumental event in his life.

Although Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is almost here, and this month seems to remind me even more of the many people I have to be thankful for- mostly because I have to remember to buy a gift for each of them. But I wouldn't give them up for anything. We're so lucky to be near our family again.
Roxannerina Ballerina

Today we attended Roxanne's first ballet recital. Being the biased mother I am, I thought she was the most beautiful little ballerina in the world!!! When she danced on stage, I couldn't stop laughing and crying- all at once. Gosh, I'm such a sappy mom.

Matt gave her flowers afterwards. She thought she was all that and a pair of slippers.
Merry E-Christmas
If you would like to read our annual Christmas newsletter, it is located at the link below:
Merry Christmas to all!