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Monday, March 04, 2013

Jenson's Not Happy

This is my moist recently finished painting. It's a picture of my nephew, Jenson.

As you can see, I'm trying to expand my style. I'm also experimenting with oils again- something I swore I would never touch again. I know that I have more potential for my skills to grow with oil paint ( as opposed to just acrylic)- it's just that it's so uncomfortable for me. I first painted this in acrylic and then did a layer of oil over it- and I do think the oil added a lot to the skin tone that wasn't possible with just the acrylic.

I took my reference picture a couple weeks ago when we were in the springs. It's just a phone picture, because I wasn't actually planning on doing a painting. As you can see below, the picture I painted off of is the second picture, and the first picture was taken only a couple seconds before. Sarah, Jenson's mommy, took a little too long between feeding him one bite of baby food to the next, and that made Jenson unhappy.