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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our Daily Bread... and so much more. This summer, I had been pondering the signifigance of saying the Lord's prayer, as it is one of the most literal and simple ways to apply the teachings of Jesus. When we started looking for a church home here in the Denver area, we bounced around a lot before landing at an E-free church that we are now attending. On Sunday morning, when you walk into the church, the air is filled with the smell of fresh baked bread. In the lobby, there is a table piled high with day-old bread from Panera bread free for anyone to take. Usually we take a couple loafs the cheesiest, tastiest looking bread, and it is such a wonderful addition to the upcoming meals of the week. It seems like a literal answer to the portion of the Lord's prayer that says "give us this day our daily bread". In this case, we did nothing to earn the bread!
Even though Thanksgiving is almost a month away, October has brought us so many things to be thankful for. Last week, Rocket went on a field trip to a farm with his kindergarten class, and came home with a backpack full of freshly picked vegetables. We made a vegetable soup that night and ate it with a loaf of Panera bread and felt so spoiled! We had enough leftover to freeze for two more dinners! Also this month, Matt's parents took us to a pumpkin patch where we all picked out a couple beautiful pumpkins each. Usually we only have two pumpkins for the whole family, but this year, we have a whole family- and extended family- of pumpkins on our front porch which we had a lot of fun painting. When we pray for God to give us our daily bread, he not only does that, but he also gives us daily delicious vegetables to eat, and daily pumpkins, just for looking at... and so so much more.
Last night, we also ended up with a huge grocery sack full of free candy. I'm not sure if that was from the Lord or not... but I'm still thankful... and hiding it all.