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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Many Faces of Roxanne

As Roxanne has been showing more and more interest in her artistic side, I have been showing her the "correct" way to draw a face, by teaching her about facial proportions (as seen in the diagram to the left). Subsequently, I have been noticing quite a few intriguing portraits showing up in her vicinty.
Last week, we strapped on our painting aprons and went to the pottery painting store (one of our most favorite place to go) while the boys were at the baseball game. Together, Roxanne and I created this serving bowl. Roxanne drew the faces and I painted them in, and I think it turned out fabulous. Unfortunately, my mom paid for it, so she gets to keep it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When Life Hands You FlipFlops, Make FlipFlopinade

After writing my last, highly negatively charged post, my sister-in-law, Becca emailed me this video that puts a positive spin on my "rainbow of flip flops", as she called it. It's actually really cool...

Chunky Funk

I have been in a funk lately... for a month or two now. It's a "I dont care" funk... hence my lack of blog. I seem to have not been caring about a lot of things lately. Somedays I wake up not caring about any aspect of life at all, and I just mosy about doing the things that absolutely have to be done, like a robot... I've been plagued by unmotivation and indifference. I'm not sure why. There's a short list of things I still have been caring about...

1. Wishing I were skinny
2. Wishing I didn't have zits
3. Food/stuffing my face/hershey syrup/cookies
4. Free sushi samples at the grocery store... maybe that should be combined with #3
5. Facebook notifications

The list of things I don't care about is long... I'll try to make it shorter by only listing notable things that I actually did care about at some time...

1. Blogging
2. Painting
3. Answering the phone (especially when it's somebody who wants something from me... which is everyone).
4. Friends
5. Enemies
6. You
7. Blablablahblah
8. I dont even care about finishing this list

Oh, yeah... here's one other thing I DO care about:
The fact that my dog only has an appetite for right footed flipflops!!!!!!!!! I can wear two unmatching flip flops, but I can't wear two left footed flipflops! It friggen sucks!

If me not blogging bothers you.... I don't care. If you want to try to get me out of this funk maybe you should try mailing me presents.... but unless it's food, a skinny pill, sushi samples or a right footed flip flop, I probably won't care.
I do hope to emerge from this, and I'm not happy with who I am right now- I should definately be more entertaining than this. In any case, consider yourself lucky for having gotten an explanation. That's more than most people around me are getting these days.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Senior Pics in Prague

Like I said, I spent my last day in the Czech taking portraits in Prague of the seniors on our team. It was a great means by which to explore the most attractive parts of this really amazing city! Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of each student:

During our time in the Czech, I learned that Ben is a super free spirited kid, who can best be described at colorful, dramatic and yet always at peace with everyone. For this reason, the Lennon Wall was the perfect setting in which to capture Ben. The Lennon Wall is a continually changing wall of graffiti, poetry, and other artistic messages, that came about as a rebelious response to the stifling nature of communism. Today it is a symbol of beauty, love and peace in the Czech. Ben is a modern day hippie- always wearing tye dye, constanty singing, dancing or strumming his guitar, but most importantly, always encouraging the other students (even the most unlikeable ones).

Religious iconography like this was strewn throughout the city- If you know anything about me, you'd know, I couldn't have asked for anything more!

In this picture, Ben sits on the side of the famous Charles Bridge, impersonating the dozens of other street performers there. I thought the set up was a clever idea, but the other students were so embarressed that they wouldn't even stand nearby while I took pics. They thought we would get in trouble for not having a performing license, so I told Ben to make sure he didnt actually play his guitar- just pretend to... and all the money in his case was Beth's, and we gave it back to her when we were done.

The only bad thing about this was that we were stuck carrying around Ben's guitar and guitar case (which was heavier than I imagined) the whole day all over Prague- we took shifts.


Beth didn't take any bad pictures. If the picture didn't turn out good, it was because of me, but she always looked gorgeous no matter what, so she was extra fun for me to take pictures of.

This picture was outside the Prague Castle. Here she is in the middle of a rose garden that we found at the very top of a mountain after about a one mile hike (don't forget about the guitar). Even after the sweaty workout, I thought she looked elegant. And come to think of it, elegant, would be the best way to describe Beth, because even under all the pressures that we were under throughout the three weeks, Beth always showed elegance, in the way she talked, acted, looked- everything. I'm not so sure the same could have been said about me! This is the Lennon Wall again. Perhaps Beth's elegance comes from her experience with dancing. While trying to perfectly capture this picture, I actually made her spin around in circles for about five minutes... which is pretty impressive!


Justin is a super charming kid who uses the word "JoBro" as an adjective, which is coincidental because he himself is totally JoBro! If you're not cool enough to know already, JoBro stands for Jonas Brothers. That is probably why he drove just about every Czech girl wild and that's probably also why it was super easy to take his picture- I mean, with a smile like this, what boy band member wouldn't take a perfect picture?

I called this is "Justin Timberlake" pose. Again, outside the Prague Castle.

I hope his mother likes this one.
This one was also on the Charles bridge, as he contemplates his future in the tween pop industry...