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Monday, April 24, 2006

Roxanne- The Brighter Side
Last Thursday night, I was being such a bad wife that I didn't even plan on anything for dinner. So, keeping in sinc with my bad wife behavior, I talked my husband into letting me drive down to Little Ceasars and pick up a $5 pizza. He said "OK". So I took Roxanne along with me, and we ran in and got the pizza and then went back out to the car to find out that it wouldn't start. After much anguish and retrying, I called my friend Stephanie to pick us up and take us home, but it took her a little while to show up. So I sat in the car thinking about how much this sucked and how bad stuff like this always happens to me but I deserve it cause I am such a bad wife. As I was having my pessimistic inner dialogue, Roxanne grabbed the pizza box and climbed into the passenger front seat with me. She said "peesa?" and I said "ok I guess so". So she searved us both a piece of pizza and I put the pizza box on the dashboard, thinking "well, atleast I'm not hungry." Then Roxanne starting laughing and giggling. I said "What is so funny about this, little girl???" and she just kept laughing (with a mouth full of pizza). Then she said "car boken. Eat peesa. Funny". And she continued to laugh. So I realized that maybe I should learn something from Roxanne and look at the brighter side of situations. There is something special about having a pizza picnic in the car, even if it does mean that the car is broken down.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Rocket!
This is a story about Rocket's 4th birthdayparty at McDonalds, written by Rocket himself. It is mostly true.
Once Upon A Day, By Rocket
Once upon a day, there’s was a boy named Rocket, and Rocket had a party with all his friends. And once upon a time, he had a really big fat cake, and he had icecream and cake and then he played in the park place and then he was eating dinner, cheeseburger and chocolate milk, and then he was eating apples. When he had a party, he was very hungry in his tummy, "I wish I could have a ten cakes with chocolate milk!" and he was very hungry again, and very hungry again and he had a huge dinner and he turned into a monster. And then he died. And then he wished he could have another cake tomorrow. The monster then he didn’t die, he just scared everyone. Then he turned into another monster. He turned into a green monster that said “Rah Rah Rah, Hoo OOoOOO”. Then he just licked himself. He licked the cake off his mouth. Then the monster is all gone when he was proven himself. Then Rocket opened his present, and there was a skate board and a rocket parachute and he opened all the presents. The End.