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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Fresh Bling: Wearable Pop-Art by Naomi"

Typically, I only sell my "Fresh Bling" at Boutiques who buy it from me and then double the price to sell it to other people. But, on the 13th, I will be making an exception, and selling my bling to you, at my Christmas wrapping party!!! The entire cost of any jewelry sold at the party, will go to Water For Christmas, including the cost of the materials. All jewelry that doesn't sell at the party, I will probably sell later, and keep the money for myself. You wouldn't want that to happen would you?!

Here is a small sampling of the jewelry I will have for sale at my partay! Don't miss it homies!

Leather cuff bracelets:

Washer Pendant Necklaces:

Acrylic Pendant Necklaces:
Beaded Necklaces:

Here, our lovely model, Jackie, models three necklaces:
Now, our totally hip model, Juliana, models three of the leather cuff bracelets: And Juliana herself will also be selling her very own necklace design which you see below. These are super trendy "Pick Jesus" necklaces made out of beads and a guitar pick!



Nichole said...

I love your pick Jesus I can totally see a whole youth group wearing those:)

Cassie said...

can we buy some if we don't come that day???
don't think i'll be able to make it to colorado, but I WANT SOME!!!

Naomi said...

The price we decided to put on the jewelry is $10 each or two for $15 on everthing except for the "pick Jesus" necklaces, which are $5 each.

If you saw something that you are interested in, email me with a description of what you want, and your address. I will email you back with my address. When I receive your check, I will mail them to you. If I don't hear from you before the 13th, then they will all go on sale at the party. Sound good?

Email me at:
Take out the dashes and such.

Cassie said...

i emailed!

Colleen said...

Very cool.