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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baseball Boy

Rocket will turn seven years old tomorrow, but we celebrated on Friday. Just so you can remember that he did used to be a little baby, here is a picture of him at around 3 months old:

When I took this picture, we were in living Iowa and he had just begun to start smiling, and everytime he would smile like this, I would just burst out laughing. We had just moved there and didn't have any friends or a TV (or Facebook or Myspace), and I think Matt and I used to just sit around and look at Rocket all day. He was the best entertainment in Iowa (which isn't saying much),but we were so in love with eachother and with him. We happened to live in a teeny tiny house in the middle of a field full of baseball diamonds- but he was to young to have a clue. As for me, I was just worried that a baseball was going to come crashing through our window and kill my most precious little baby.

Fast forward seven years, and now baseball is everything (except for when there is a skateboarding contest). For Rocket's birthday, Matt bought him a nice catching glove, and Roxanne gave him two baseballs. He starts on a team in a couple of months. Matt and Rocket went to the park yesterday to work on his catching and throwing skills, which is serious business.

Headed back home: At this very moment, Rocket and Matt are sitting through the rain at Coors for their first Rockies game of the year. They anticipate on going to many more... and may have already bought more tickets I don't even know about. If watching enough games, staring at enough balls, and dreaming of being a star makes a good baseball player, Rocket is going to be fabulous.


Cassie said...

#1: you lived in IOWA?!? where??

#2: there must be something in the iowa water. our children are very very similar. maybe you should move back and have one more. then you would have an ayla. and life would be complete! ;)

Naomi said...

Yeah, we did live in Iowa! But only for about 9 months. We lived in Mason City. It was while Matt was still in college and he was doing an internship with Holcim. It was a short time, but a very formative time in our lives. I wouldn't want to live in Iowa during the winter again!!!

If I could guarantee that the third would be an Ayla, I'd be in on it right away!!

Cassie said...

my dad used to work in mason city at the hospital. he's an anesthetist.
small world.

and yes, iowa winters suck. every february we swear we are moving...and usually we swear it's going to be back to colorado!

you should try for an ayla. she's totally fun. she spices things up!

Stephanie said...

Rocket is looking so grown up.

Aunt Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Rocket!
Hope you had fun at the Rockies game.

(Cole says to tell you the Braves are better. Oops, did I say that out loud?)

Happy Birthday!

Naomi said...

Cassie- where is Colorado did you live?!

Cassie said...

columbine street by DU.
loved it there.

i went to metropolitan state college of denver for a year.

we were young and no kids and LOVED it there.
we still think someday we may find ourselves back there...living in the mountains...

Nichole said...

I can't believe Rocket is 7! He is /so cute, I love all the Easter pictures!