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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Five Big Reasons Why I Love Easter

1. White eggs are just boring. And deviled eggs are just delicious.

2. The sight of new life emerging from the ground reminds me that we are indeed also emerging from the clutches of winter that inhibited us from freely prancing out the back door without a cumbersome jacket and boots. The fact that it happens every year doesn’t keep me from feeling like we might be doomed to stay inside forever.

3. People always tend to remind me on this day that “He is risen indeed”, which reminds me that Jesus really did live and die and really did rise from the dead proving to the world that he is the most awesome, most famous, most original person to ever walk to the face of the earth, and I am freakin lucky to be on the inside track with him!!! No, seriously, I mean it!

Inspirational drawing by Roxanne

4. My kids always look pretty sharp on this day and I love taking pictures of them! A lady at church this morning told Rocket that he was the handsomest boy she’s ever seen (I agree) and that he ought to give his daddy some advice. I said “true dat!”

Is that not the most handsome boy you've ever seen? Rocket specified that he wanted to wear a "gentlemen's suit" for Easter, and I'll tell ya- you can't buy one at Old Navy.

Roxy looks way prettier than me in this picture, but my hair does match her boots!

5. Easter falls on a Sunday, which is perfect because I love my Sunday nap (which is the next item on my agenda).


Sarah said...

Man you have a couple nice looking kids! I have one question how does Rocket know what a gentleman's suit is? He looks awesome and I love Roxane's colorful dress!

Naomi said...

I don't know how he knew what a "gentlemens suit" is. That's why I thought it was funny. After we bought it for him, he asked if he could wear it every single day until Easter.

Aunt Donna said...

What a handsome gentleman, and lovely ladies!

Happy Easter to y'all, too.