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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Richards

Friday was Matt's birthday, and we went out with friends to celebrate. One of our friends was Brandi and Jason Richards, who happen to be celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Earlier in the month Jason had secretly commisioned me to create a painting for Brandi to hang over their fire place. I came over to their house when Brandi wasn't home to take pictures of Jason, the three darling kids, and their sweet boxer dog. Later I told Brandi that I had just got a new camera and wanted some practice taking portraits, and had her pose for me. After getting all their head shots, I compiled them into this decoupage/acrylic combo (I got the idea from a painting Cassie emailed me). Jason gave it to her Friday night after we got home from being out on the town. I think she was surprised and I hope she liked it. If not, I think her family is cute enough that I will hang it in MY house.
What's so funny, Brandi?!


Cassie said...

ok...that does it.
i'm commissioning you do my family.
i am sending you photos.
that is SO great!!!

Emily Shoup said...

That is awesome! Love it!

Holly said...

I want I want I want...how much how much how much??????????

(I'm serious)

Tyintil3 said...

Great job Naomi. That is just straight up awesome. Jason is now my hero.

Aunt Donna said...


LottaMadness said...

What a fun idea...and you did it SO well.

Stephanie said...

I think its Fabulous! I am quite envious!