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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is Winter Over Yet?!
Yesterday Roxanne suggested, again, that we plant some flowers. Weary of yet another snow dump, I relunctantly agreed. We picked out pink and purple flowers at home depot and spent the day planting them. And we found lovely lady bugs... And squirmy worms... And the cat taught the dog a lesson by giving him the smack down...
It appears to be so... but, dare I say, that spring has arrived? This time of year sends me into an emotional roller coaster, as I continually get my hopes up by decievingly warm tempuratures only to be crushed again when fridgid wet snow returns from the sky, squashing my spirits. But I remain hopeful that, just like every year gone by, summer will eventually arrive.


Aunt Donna said...

I hope your spring has finally arrived. We've jumped out of spring & into summer...almost.

Your flowers are pretty! What are they????

WHAM ~ Necklace is definitely boss-kitty of the yard. Does she have a tail, or is she a bob-tail kitty like our Bobbin?

Poor Friday....getting neutered AND beat up by the cat all in 1 week. He's going to have nightmares about giant cats with scissors coming after him!

Naomi said...

I don't know what the flowers are... they are pink and purple. Roxanne picked them out. I don't know anything about gardening.

No, Necklace has a tail, it is just wierd looking in that picture. And Friday was asking for the smack down.

Kim Touchton said...

Hey Naomi! Your photography is AMAZING. I so wish I could take pictures like you do.... that worm one is fantastic.

Hope you all are doing well!