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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Girl and a Puppy in the Tub
What better thing could there be to do on a snowy day than to take a warm bath? Friday and Roxanne both think so.
Is it bad to bathe my children and dog in the same bath water? They both came out smelling good!


The AB club said...

You are so much more of an animal person than I am. I don't even like animals in my house much less in my kid's bath water. But please rest assure I don't think any worse of you and if you offered to take my kids for a week I would let you in a heart beat. (hint hint)

Stacy said...

what's a little dog hair? Friday was probaby cleaner anyway!! :O) My kids would love it if I let my dogs have a bath with them...but by dogs are 70lbs each so it's not quite that easy!!

Aunt Donna said...

I think that's a fantastic way to pass the day.

I'd try it with Cole & Riley, but Riley is 100lbs of fur & energy...just don't think it would be the same...or would work as well as with Friday.

Did Friday enjoy it?

stephanie said...

yeah- I would say if no one panicks, then it should have a good turn out. Blaze would panick, and David would get wounded, and I would get angry, and water would be sprayed everywhere, and it wouldn't be a good thing.... at my house. But I would let David take a bath with a smaller pooch, if once again, no one panicked.

Nichole said...

first pic is to die for, maybe we should go into business together:)