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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ten More Things About Florida

As snow flurries begin to fall from the sky here in Colorado, I am still basking in my warm memories of our trip to Forida. There is nothing like spending a day in the Forida sunshine, with extended family and new experiences, and then ending the evening by relaxing by the pool as the kids play and writing some poetry in the moonlight to reflect on the day. I think being around extended family makes me extra reflective. It opens my eyes to many of the family legacies (both good and bad) that have formed me into who I am, without me even knowing it. It gives me a more grounded sense of who I am- how I am connected in the world.
But I didn't have a poem for everything that happened in Florida. Nevertheless, here are some miscelaneous items that I don't want to forget anyways.

1. A Wedding:
A lovely bride and groom:

An exbride and exgroom: Who still love each other:

2. I am currently saving all of my $$ for...

the camera that took this picture: and this picture: The camera is expensive- I will be saving for quite a while. The bubble blower is (relatively) cheap. You can get it for $6 at gymboree, and it's the coolest bubble blower in the whole wide world!!!!

3. A Conjoined Grape:
I am always on the look out for conjoindism. I tend to have a sharp eye for it.
4. The swing
The swing in Aunt Carol and Uncle Gary's back yard is legendary. I have pictures of each kid from the time they were babies on it. I always spend a big chunk of my time, camera in hand, trying to capture the fun, squeals, and smiles that happen on this swing.

5. The Beach
We built a sand castle at the beach. Oh yeah!!! I did write a poem about this!!:

I'm going to build a sandy castle
I wish I had a candy tassle.

6. Lizards
After seeing this picture close up, I feel really bad for the lizard. I guess I couldn't see the terror in his face when I was taking the picture. We released him shortly after, and I choose to believe he has no recollection of the event.

7. The Wine Room

Rows and rows of hundreds of wine bottles all at your vending convenience for your taste testing pleasure! Tips: 1. Don't try to test all of the wine in one night. 2. Don't fill up your glass one minute prior to closing time (cause then you will have no other option than to chug).

8. Pools
Not much to say about it, but we just can't seem to get enough of it!


9. I just like this picture and I don't know why:
10. A Coconut Delivery:
Just before I came upstairs to post this blog, we heard a thud outside the front door. When we opened it up to see what it was, we discovered that a coconut had fallen from the sky onto our doorstep! And what-do-ya-know, it had the kids' name and address on it (address obscured for blogger-safetyism)!!!

OH! By golly, a little girl just delivered me a cool refreshing glass of coconut milk! Now I am sipping it, imagining being back in the warm Florida sun.... perhaps I should close the shades of my window so I don't notice that it is now no longer "flurrying" but more like "blizzarding" outside.
Florida, we'll be back!


Aunt Donna said...

Looks like y'all had a blast in FL. Good!

Camera - we have a Nikon D50. It's an digital SLR (like the 35mm film cameras) & it's great. Blake takes all his bug & flower pictures w/ it. I take all the band, kid & family stuff. The Nikons are cheaper than the Canons (which we always use to use before we went digital). You might want to look in to it.

Thanks for the wedding photo!

Aunt Donna

Nichole said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I love your "special camera" pictures. Bryan would kill me if he really knew how much my camera cost. ha ha-----> evil laugh