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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My friend, Cat, from highschool came to Dr. Sketchy's with me on Sunday. I was thrilled because she is an excellent photographer and that meant I would come away with some fabulous photographs, paricularly of myself. Is it vain that I enjoy pictures of myself? I think it is because the essence of Dr. Sketchy's is the actual sketching, and I hardly ever get any pictures of myself sketching there. So I enjoyed getting some "sketching" pictures of myself- afterall, that is what makes Dr. Sketchy's so fun.

Juanita Wow was the model for the night. She would best be described as "exotic" and "voluptuous". She had beautifully intricate exotic costumes that sparkled a lot and allowed for a lot of voluptous "spillage". Spillage is my word for when your body overflows out of your clothes. I think it is fun to draw, although I don't very well like it when it happens to me- especially when it happens in the form of muffin topping. I hate muffin topping. But Juanita, on the other hand, had some very beautiful spillage happening. Even her lips seemed to be overflowing. You can see all of the pictures HERE- as I am protected innocent eyes from excessive spillage.

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