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Thursday, March 05, 2009

I have mixed feelings about Disney World. The kids don't. On our second day in Florida, Courtney and her boyfriend, Rey, who both work at Disney world and are Mickey groupies themselves, treated us to the Disney experience. We are very grateful to them, because whether it damaged the kids or not, it was an experience we would have never had without Courtney and Rey. Here they are with their best friends:
This is my poem about Disney:

Mousey mickey wonder world
Dazzled, speckled, twisted and twirled
Sparkled, flashed, silvered and pearled
The happiest place on earth.

So give us your money
And we'll call you our honey
And then act really funny
All. Day. Long.

Stand in the line- twisting, winding, undulating
We'll tittilate your eyes and make you glad you were waiting
And roll you through the world we've been creating
Just. For. You.

It all ends with magical fireworks- boom!
Your's kids will never be happy again- doom!
Now, hop the monorail home- zoom!
Disney, see you again, never!

Roxy the princess pirate:

and, a REAL boy!!!:
Roxy was a lucky lucky little girl, and was transformed into a real live disney princess, which has really raised the bar on our regular morning routine.

But the highlight of her day was when she got to meet Ariel. I thought that after spilling the beans (over and over again) about Santa, she would realize that Ariel wasn't a real mermaid. But I guess the principle didn't cross over for her. After seeing how tickled she was over talking to the "real" Ariel, I got a glipse of why many parents enjoy prolonging the deception over Santa...
At this time the boys were doing "boy things" in the park like race cars and stuff.

At the end of the day, the kids were allowed to spend the allowance they had both been eagerly saving for just this occasion. I tried hard to convince Roxanne to buy a doll, or game, or toy, or something that she could save to remember her experience, but all she wanted was a balloon and a lollipop for Kei (her bff at preschool). So I let her buy it, since it was her money afterall. Can you believe she spent two and a half weeks worth of allowance on this balloon???? After she bought it, I was so paranoid that she would let it go in the sky, that I wouldn't even let her carry it. Now I feel really bad, because I realize that the only reason she wanted the balloon was so that she could carry it AT disney- and I ruined it for her.

Rocket spent his money on the disney version of the game "Clue". I thought this was a wiser use of money, but now he wants us to play it with him ALL the time and I can't help but think that a balloon would have been easier.
This picture sums up Matt at disney world (the happiest place on earth):

The fireworks are the final caboom at disney, and the image is permanently ingrained in both kids' heads. They now believe in magic, wishing upon stars, and following your dreams. I know... it was bad... real bad.


Cassie said...

ariel isn't a real mermaid?!?
thanks for ruining it for me...

Connie said...

You have a bad attitude! Dreams and make believe are a part of what childhood is all about. There is plenty of time in the future for them not to have make believe. You and Matt are raising them to be well adjusted caring people; a trip to Disney World now and then will not ruin them. You just need to keep in all in perspective.

Aunt Donna said...

Disney Rocks...in small doses. COnsidering your won't be there EVERY weekend, your kids will be fine. A little fantasy makes the world a lovely place. Glad y'all had a good time.

Stacy said...

My parents have been counting down the girls' 8th birthday since they girls were 6 months. That's when my parents are taking them for their first trip. My parents have been there probably 16 times...mostly without kids! We've never pushed any of it but today Tyler informed me that he no longer wanted to be called Tyler Grogg...he wanted to be called Tyler Mickey Mouse.

It's like it comes naturally...no matter how much I avoid it!!