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Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Many Honey's...

Do you see in this picture?

The answer is FIVE!! Two are in each of my paintings in the upper left, one on the T-shirt I haggled her into giving me, one in the watercolor I gave her for being so pretty, and one real one. Boy, I just can't get enough of that pretty pretty gal!

This was from the Blurlesque/Tiki art show and performance at the Oriental Theatre on Saturday. Luke and I had a good time... well... except for when we had to sit through the hour long slide show about the entire history of tiki culture. It was really boring- except for when we learned that one of the founders of tiki culture was named "Harry Jew"... and he appeared to be Asian.

When I started to take the above picture, Luke was smiling. Then I said "don't smile", but he thought I said "more smile". Misunderstandings like that are funny.

And of course, like you would expect from any great tiki/burlesque party (and believe me, I know!), there was some really good hip shakin goin on! There was also some crazy trapeze action as well, which I'm pretty sure was a little unsafe, but amuzing anyways.

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