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Friday, September 19, 2008

Concoction #67
Sizzling Cheesy Burgler Bun Waffles

When Matt said "What's for dinner tonight?" I said "I dont know... maybe I should make a concoction!!!!". I was actually not facing his direction when I said this, but I could feel his glares hitting my backside. I gathered some random ingredients: hamburger buns (left over from Roxy's party), cheese slices with stars cut out of the middle (the cheese stars are for my party tonight), tomatoes, and butter (most good concoctions involve butter). THEN I got out the waffle iron! A few moments later.... VWALA!!!! We have sizzling cheesey burgler bun waffles. They will be included in my concoctions cookbook under the chapter "Cheesey Things That Sizzle". In the above picture Matt is saying "yes kids, your food is going to be cold by the time you get it, because your mom has to take pictures of it first." BUT, take a look at this:

It's MY husband, willfully eating one of MY concoctions. This day will go down in the history books of our marriage!! Maybe I will put this picture on the cover of my cookbook. AND he said it was pretty good too.

Incase you can't figure it out, here are the directions:
Butter the top and bottom of a hamburger bun. Insert cheese (I used mozzerella and cheddar), tomatoe and whatnot. Then smash it into the waffle iron. Let it cook a while, and then enjoy!


Matt said...

Technically, not a concoction.

Holly said...

ooo..that was low...why not?

anywho...I am so sad now that I gave my waffle iron away!
pretty sure they sell those at the Goodwill though.

Cassie said...

my kind of recipe. those are some pretty technical directions...

Naomi said...

Definitions of concoction:

1. an occurrence of an unusual mixture
Typically hamburger buns, cheese and waffle irons don't mix, so I would call that an "unusual mixture"

2. any foodstuff made by combining different ingredients
This certainly qualifies as "foodstuff" (which I never knew was one word). And there was obviously combining of ingredients in this case.

So, Matt, if this is "technically not a concoction", you will have to explain to me why.
Furthermore, next time I make this concoction, YOUR plate will remain empty... as will your stomach!

Naomi said...

Holly, you should definately look for a waffle iron. There is all sort of things you can do with them. Maybe I will have a "waffle iron" chapter in my cookbook. Waffles are a great way to sneak healthy ingrediants into dinner- like flaxseed and carrots and chocolate chips.
We have waffles for dinner just about every Sunday night.

Matt said...

1. Not unusual - George Forman has already done it.

2. Ingredients were layered, not combined.

Naomi said...

1. Gorge Forman never put anything on a waffle iron.

2. The "combining" occures when you put it in your mouth and chew it up.

On my blog, I always get the last word.

Stacy G. said...

I also saw something recently that suggested using actual waffles as bread...like for PB&J or turkey - or your hamburgers. If I try that I'll let you know - if you try it, let me know. I think we'll try your concoction soon because Eric got a little "Bun happy" for the girls birthday party....we all had shrimp...so we have a lot to work with.