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Monday, September 15, 2008

She's 5
Warning: This blog contains a sickening amount of PINK in it. You might not be able to take it all at once without puking.
We celebrated Roxanne's 5th birthday yesterday with a "pinkalicious" birthday bash. Over the past 5 years, I've gotten to know Roxanne pretty well, and what I have realized is that she is pretty much the opposite of everything I wanted in a daughter. She is prissy; she is sassy; she is girly; she is opinionated; she is pinkalicous- but I love it all!
Before the party, Roxy and her cousin, who is also her BFF, Elise went to the "salon" to get their hair and nails done.

Roxanne was pretty much in heaven. She better not expect this treatment again for a long time.
Pretty GirlsRoxanne told me that she wanted everyone at her party to wear pink dresses. When I told her that the boys probably wouldn't come if that was the rule, she said that was ok. But then I told her I knew of a couple boys who were planning on bring presents. So we decided to say that everyone has to wear pink, but not neccessarily a dress. Even the boys.

Apparently Luke thought that wearing pink made him gay. I think Matt disagreed.

What is there to not enjoy about pinatas? It's the highlight of every party! Who wouldn't love to hang an adorable looking creature by it's neck and then violently whack it with a stick until it's guts spill out?.... surprise!.... its guts are CANDY! This festive tradition traumatized one child, who couldn't stop crying and had to go home... party pooper!

Throughout the year, everytime we go to the grocery store, Roxanne always wants to take a look at the cakes at the bakery. One time she saw a Hannah Montana cake displayed, and every since then, she has insisted that when her birthday comes around, she wants to have a Hannah Montana cake. I bravely attempted to create a fondant cake, alongside the guidance of my blogger friend and cake-maker extraordinaire, Holly. I think Roxanne liked it: This morning I gathered everything pink that was littering my house and disposed of it via Roxanne's room. No more pink- until next year.


Mom said...

I find that interesting...that she is everything you didn't want because she is so much like you!

Cassie said...

well it just kind of perturbs me that you can make beautiful cakes, too. seriously. i feel very inadequate...

Holly said...

how do you think I feel Cassie...that was her first one, I was her inspiration and it's better than ANY of my cakes...pooy.

Not to diminish how incredible it was Naomi - I just wanted Cassie to not feel alone.

Really, awesome job - IT IS ADORABLE!

Naomi said...

Mom- she is not like me. Believe me.
Holly- it's not better than your cakes. Believe me.

Aunt Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Roxanne!!!!

Wow - you weren't kidding...that's some serious pink happening in y'all's neck of the woods. Something I can NOT relate to one bit. Nope, never happened around here. I'm the ONLY female in our household.... so, our household suffers from testosterone poisoning.

The cake is great! I always wanted to learn how to decorate a cake. The closest I ever came - something the boys said looked like an alien sea slug.

Nichole said...

awww I can't believe she's five, I want that cake for my birthday!

the AB club said...

That cake is amazing! It looks like it was a very fun party. Alex says for once he's glad we weren't close enought to attend. He's a staunch supporter of real men don't wear pink. Although, I think if it came down to the wire his love for family would over come his disdain and he would make the sacrifice especially for such a cute niece.

Stacy G. said...

OK - a couple of things.

1st - love the cake! I do chocolate, not fondant, so I'm always impressed!

2nd - When is her birthday actually? My girls' is the 18th!

3rd - Is it just me or does Roxie look like Becca?

Naomi said...

Stacy, Roxy's birthday is on the 10th. I didn't realize how close in age our girls were... actually I was hope your girls were a lot older when I heard they were reading!
I do think Roxy looks like Becca. Not as much as Emma does though. When we took Roxy and Emma to church together, they thought they were twins.

Naomi said...

Oh and...
Aunt Donna,
I purposely posted pics of Milo and Lucy in this post so you could see them. Doesn't Lucy just look like a doll? Milo is the one hitting the pinata.
I actually probably take more pics of Milo and Lucy than Luke and Sarah do. They may grow up hating their Auntie Naomi with the camera!

the AB club said...

You better be glad we don't live closer. I might steal Roxanne and claim her as ours.

Aunt Donna said...

Thank you! Lucy is a doll. I just want to hug her & Roxanne both - they are so cute. (And yes, I'd hug Rocket & Milo, too...even if they are stinky little boys. *G*)

I'm the picture taker in our family, too. I take tons more pictures of family events & my nephews than their parents do. (Blake takes all the bug & flower pictures.) And now I'm the photog. for the HS band. That's a blast! So now I'm taking pictures of everyone's kid.

LottaMadness said...

Happy belated birthday Roxanne and thanks for coming over to play Star Wars with the boys yesterday. Padamay suits you!