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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rocket Science

Since Rocket won his school science fair a couple months ago, he had the chance to participate in the district wide science fair where all the Denver Public Elementary Schools sent their school winners to compete. This was a big deal to him, but he didn't expect to win.

The picture above is him before the fair. The only bad parts is they didn't let the public in to view all of the exhibits. I got into the zoo free, but had to stay out of the exhibit room- especially when the judges were present. But Rocket must have done a good job presenting on his own. During the awards ceremony, I said a little prayer to God hoping that if he was able to have the encouragement of placing, it would make up for all the negative experiences he's been having lately (mostly with other kids at school). We were all surprised when he got the award for "best in show". I hope I didn't help him too much with his project.

This is him along with the other three winners. He was beaming at this moment.

This is him with his big ole ribbon in front of his board.


We also got some special "backstage" access at the zoo to see some animals close up. I liked this grinning alligator.


Roxanne insisted that Rocket do what she had come to the zoo for- the carousel. And he was still on top of the world. He looks like such a little boy in this picture, I think.


The lion "cubs" were posing quite well for pictures and I thought they looked especially cuddly.

I also liked the dik dik deer. I thought a dik dik would be a better pet than a cat. Especially if it would sit in a window sill. It was about the same size as Friday, so they could be great friends.

We went to Chili's afterwards to celebrate Rocket's great achievement.


Donna Mc said...

Wahoo! Way to go, Rocket.
Your project looks really interesting. Love the whole idea - and your presentation board rocks.
Good job!

The AB club said...

That is awesome. I wish we could have been there to cheer. Tell Rocket we are very impressed.