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Thursday, January 03, 2013


Let's see if I can write a blog post and watch Sister wives at the same time.

I don't want to blog every single day because I don't want to start blogging about mundane stupid things. Yesterday I started to blog about these chairs that I bought off of Craig's list. It seemed like something significant because completing the mission to get the chairs caused a lot of adrenaline to rush through me. But sometimes I get an adrenaline rush out of mundane things... that's why I have so much dysfunctional anxiety. And I started thinking that if I started blogging about purchases, it's a slippery slope before I'd be blogging about what I made for dinner, how I get my kids to school, my dogs daily routine, etc. But I really want to show you the chairs.

They look like hands. And I got four of them because they were only 20 bucks each! In the past, I've always been defeated when trying to buy something on Craig's list. Somebody always gets the good deals before me and I don't like competition.

Ok, now, ideally, I'd be able to extract from this situation some metaphor comparing this to the grand scheme of things. That makes for the best blogs- when I actually have something deep to say.

Oh my gosh. The sister wives are ALWAYS crying. They are way too emotional. If this post seems choppy, it's because I'm watching TV at the same time.

Another situation I thought about blogging about.... I'll come up with a metaphor about it later... is New Year's Day. As a family, we went over to Clyde and Susie's house for a "Jewish New Year's Day hangover brunch". The kids had a lot of giggles over this painting. Rocket is pretending that he is being "mature" about the situation- but that was just for the photo.

I, personally, think it's a fabulous painting. It's possibly my favorite painting of Clyde's. The kids were enamored, and apparently, inspired. Today they recreated the painting on paper- a joint effort- Roxanne started the drawing and Rocket finished it (that's not typical):

Not bad.

And life is like a big fat naked lady. If you don't understand that metaphor, perhaps you are not thinking deep enough.


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