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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Forts and Tuna

There was something that came to my mind this week that would have made a decent blog post. I remember thinking of it, but I don't remember what it was. I remember thinking, "oh yeah, that will be ok to make a blog post about." But now I don't remember what I said that in my head about. It was something listish- like it involved a list. Because I remember visualizing a numbered list in my head. Darn. If I ever remember, I will blog it. Until then, you're stuck with meaningless crap. Stuff that has no metaphorical potential. But I'm still blogging, and so that counts as not giving up.

Christmas break is over and that is significant because it means the kids are back in school. That's significant because it means I actually have a chance to do something with my life worth blogging about. That's not to say it will actually happen though. During the Christmas break, the kids slept in a fort every single night. Why don't people actually grow up to live in forts? I mean, if you actually had the chance to live in a fort for real, why wouldn't you? I don't know the answer to this despite the fact that I am grown up, and still don't live in a fort. Scratch that. Check back next week... I am making plans.

This is their fort. It has two rooms. I couldn't really get the entire fort into the camera frame. My mother gave Roxanne these fort building squares for Christmas and she loves them. If you are interested in buying them yourself, you probably shouldn't get your hopes up because they're really expensive I think... I actually haven't really looked them up, because I don't really want to know how expensive they really are.

One night during Christmas break I actually slept with them IN the fort as a way of rewarding them for not fighting with eachother for 24 hours straight. That shows how desperate I am. Granted, at some time after midnight, I did sneak out of the fort and get in my own bed, because I couldn't stand to not be able to straighten my legs for that long. But still, I'm really willing to go to great lengths to promote peace in this household. I really am desperate for it. It is 4 degrees outside right now, and I might be willing to go try it out... for a couple hours at least , if it meant people weren't wanting to kill each other around here. I'm serious. Totally serious!

Also... Changing the subject here in a major way... I'd like to share with you about this little dog named Tuna, which I met (not in the literal way) through Instagram. I've fallen so in love with this little dog, and he really has the most precious story behind him (read about it more here). So I decided to use him as my most recent digital painting subject, so look at my digital painting of him below. If you're on Instagram, you really must follow him and this is his user name: TunaMeltsMyHeart. His pictures fill my heart with warmth, love, peace and jealousy. Jealousy that my own dog is not so adorably ugly- although my dog is quite almost as nearly perfect as he could be (minus a little extreme ugliness).

Here is an actual picture of the sweetheart:


That's all I have to say for now. The most comfort I get all week comes soon in the form of murder. An all new 48 Hours Mystery tonight. Really... the thing I look most forward to is a really really good murder... and doggy snuggles. Goodnight world.


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