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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Top Ten Things That Happened to me in 2012

At first I was going to put this list in chronological order but that made me have to think too hard. And then I was going to put the list in order of importance, but I was too indecisive- except for number one. That one was clearly the most important- the rest were all somewhat of a tie, I think.

1. Moving to Locust Street. This is important because it meant moving away from Highlands Ranch, which represented oppression and isolation and embarrassment to me. I remember December of 2011 when we were setting up our artificial Christmas tree in our Highlands Ranch home for the fifth time, and I said something like "man, wouldn't it be great if this was our last Christmas in this house?" But as soon as I said it, I realized it was ridiculous and unrealistic and I tried not to get my hopes up. But despite my worries and pessimism, things came together and our house sold and we found the perfect house in Denver, and every day I've dwelt here since feels like such a huge blessing. I feel "at home"- like this is where we are meant to live. It seems to have marked a turning point for our family- a fresh start.

I painting this in the side of the house as a reference to the street name.

2. My second year participating in the chalk art festival. I actually did get around to posting about this on the blog, so I won't say too much. I had a fun time and won "best use of color". I also felt so thankful to have Matt as my assistant and he made me feel so supported and encouraged.

3. The hot air balloon festival. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to the Colorado Springs hot air balloon festival with my dad when I was a little girl. This year I went with my dad and Roxanne and it was just like I had remembered it- magical.


4. When I heard about this happening:

5. Going to the Book of Mormon with my brother Luke. I spent two hours online fighting for them last January, and then got to go see it in August. It was fabulous and ridiculous and wonderful- especially in light of all my Utah memories.

6. Thanksgiving in Kansas. We had quite a few good adventures on the way there including the genoa wonder tower (a location off my bucket map), the best bathrooms in America, and a dead man in Lucas (but we weren't allowed to take a picture or I would post it here).

Inside the wonder tower
Parts of the bathroom above.
Rock city in Kansas was really cool too.

Ugh. My thumbs are getting tired. iPad typing is not too easy. Maybe I should have made it a top 6 list.

7. Rocket winning the school science fair. When I picked him up from school that day he said, "that was the happiest moment of my life". And that makes it one of MY happiest moments too.

BTW, he looks much more humble in this picture than he was in reality.

8. Visiting the Mother of Cabrini Shrine with my good friend Stephanie from Utah. It was unplanned (we actually planned on going to redrocks). It was a beautiful place where you could see all of Denver, and I'd like to go back in the spring when the flowers are blooming.

9. Eating an awesome blossom on my birthday. Also, thanks to matt, lots of friends gave me lots of caps which always make me happy.

Chilis no longer makes Awesome Blossoms, but you can get the same thing at Texas Roadhouse or Outback Steakhouse.
10. My gingerbread house party. And I already said enough about that right?

Typing with just my thumbs, is making them really freezing cold, so I wonder if it's somehow cutting off the blood to my thumbs. My next post will be shorter.


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Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator said...

#4 makes me blurt out laughter every time I see it. It's so terrible. And I've got a little tip for you, if you touch the screen with both of your thumbs and pull them apart you will get a smaller keyboard that is broken in half. I don't use it much, I just type like you would on a normal keyboard on mine.