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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pictures of Jesus

A couple of weeks ago I saw this picture of Jesus at the Goodwill, and I don't know what it was that I liked about it, but it caught my eye and I bought it for 1.99. A week or so after I bought it, I opened up the frame so that I could color some orange rays behind Jesus, and I discovered that it was actually just a page that was ripped out of a magazine. There was also a photo behind it of a black man with an afro in a white robe- I threw that picture away, so I don't have it to show you, but he looked like he was in some sort of a cult- mostly because of the white robe/dress thing.
But I became curious about the picture of Jesus and decided to do some research on it to see who the artist was, and when it was drawn, and whatnot. I've been watching this show on MTV called Catfish, where they try to catch people who are pretending to be someone hot and then having an online affair with someone who doesn't know their being fooled. One of their techniques is to take the pictures that the person claims is themself, and put it into the google reverse image search, which will search the Internet for similar images. Usually the impersonator has just stolen the pictures from someone on MySpace who actually is hot, and the reverse image search reveals that. So I did a reverse image search on Jesus- I didn't find any impersonators.
Actually, there really wasn't much information about the picture. I found a few other people posting the picture also trying to find information about it- saying it was such a striking and intriguing picture of Jesus, just like my first impression was. The only thing I did find was a site with an article about the picture, along with 17 other similar pictures. The article claimed that all the image's are mysterious in that the artists are unknown. But even more mysterious is the fact that they all supposedly came from unrelated origins, but all resemble eachother so closely. One theory is that the pictures were created after the shroud of Turin was gaining popularity, and all of the artists were drawing the pictures based on the image on the shroud (seen in the last bottom right square). The picture below shows all the different drawings and I think the one I have must be the one in the far right row, middle column.
Here is another lovely picture of Jesus. Matt and I were in charge of Sunday school a couple weeks ago, so I facilitated the creation of this picture. All the kids contributed to it, and it's too bad that you can't see all the glitter.

And this is a picture of Jesus I made using my "percolator" app on my phone- it was made from a classic Byzantine image. I thought it looked so cool, I made it my phone's wallpaper.



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