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Monday, July 21, 2008

A note about my art from Dr. Sketchy's

I have a habit of asking blunt questions that I really don't want to know the answer to. I did that recently when I asked someone why they didn't have a link to my blog on their page. Being the honest people they are, they gave me a blunt answer to the blunt question I asked that I really didn't want to know the answer to. And what it all boiled down to is that I needed to make some changes to the structure of my blog.
I really like nude people in art, and that's why I go to Dr. Sketchy's. I also like to share my artwork (as it plays out in my life) on my blog. But I understand that my nude drawings could pop up onto your computer screen when you click on my blog and be sortof like someone flashing you when you weren't expecting or wanting it. It can also be shocking or disturbing to people who aren't accustomed to nudity in art- especially for viewers from the religious circles I often mingle in.
On another nude note, I abosolutely hate pornography. I hate the arrogance and selfishness that is infused into the industry that creates it. I hate the crudeness of it. I especially hate the way it takes over lives and causes all sorts of emotional and spiritual problems. Although I'd like to think that MY art has nothing to do it, it is actually in pretty close proximity to it, simply because they are both on the internet, and, therefore, could be only a couple clicks away from each other. I really don't want my blog to be the catalyst that sparks the desire to click on the ugly alternative.
So as you will notice, I won't post any artwork that contains nudity (or partial nudity) on this page. Instead, I will provide a link that you can click on to view the art work. That way you won't see anything you don't want to see. I am posting just one picture I drew at Dr. Sketchy's last night of Big Mama Red (but I think it is appropriate enough).


Nichole said...

So am I one in which you mingle with? LOL so if you are wondering why you are not linked to my blog as I am to yours which thank you by the way that made my day:) It's not the nudness it's my dumbness I haven't quite figured out how to link yet!

the AB club said...

Our topic in biblestudy this morning was envy, so I won't tell you that I wish I was gifted with your art talents.

Naomi said...

Going to Dr. Sketchy's is a monthly dose of dealing with envy. When everyone hangs their drawings on the clothes line, I always get envious of the other talent there. It reminds me that I'm not really that good at drawing (cause normally, I just compare my art to my kids' art and it makes me feel like I am a really good artist). It is my reality check.

the AB club said...

Maybe that's what I should do, compare myself to the kids instead of you.