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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crazy Collages

It was another crazy craft day here at my house. There were seven kids this time. Days like this give me a sense of wonder for the women who deal with numbers like this on a daily basis- like teachers and insane mothers who end up with this many kids of their own. Today we decopauged magazine clippings onto canvases (the cheap kind that come in a pack of 3). Earlier this week I went through my stack of magazines that I had been hoarding for an unknown reason, and cut out objects that I thought would be of interest for collaging. Then I let the kids go through the images I cut out and piece them together in creative ways. It was fun for them because they didn't need the fine motors skills that is takes to cut around intricate pictures, but they could still use their imagination by choosing images they liked and creat their own scene out of them. Here are the eight (seven kids plus me) masterpeices we created:

By Lindsay (age 4)

By Rocket (age 6)

By Juliana (age 14)
By Roxanne (age 4)

By Jordan (age 7)

By Cullen (age 6)

By Chloe (Age 9)

By Naomi (age 26)

**Handy Dandy Crafting Tip From Naomi!!!**

My most hand dandy crafting supply is my polyurethane. I put it on almost anything to give it a shiny glass-like finish. I have found that even if kids do a bad job on their craft (as they usually will do), if you make it shiny with polyurethane at the end, they will be super proud of it!


Stacy G. said...

I'm totally impressed! I think you should showcase all their art at your next show...I think it would all sell!! How fun. I'm going to start clipping magazines tonight!

Holly said...

very cute and we totally think alike (I wish!)
I just did that last night, just me, no kids!
I did plan on letting them do it later this week though!
Walmart has those notebooks for $.05 a piece right now and I bought a boat load to do this to for Christmas presents!

Cassie said...

so cute!
adding this to my list of projects to do!
thanks again for more artistic inspiration!

LottaMadness said...

You are awesome! Thanks for having my kids for the afternoon!

Jolleen said...

please please please can I do art stuff with you!!!!!!!! you come up with the coolest stuff!! and again yours is my favorite. and I really like the first one too!! I love strawberries