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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friends City

Today I taped a roll of white banner paper onto the fence, gave the kids some paint and markers, and let them go to town... so they made a town. They named their city "Friends City". That's the cheesiest name I have ever heard of. The city is complete with a McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King, King Soopers, a gym, Hot Topic, a skateboard park, a skateboard shop, a tattoo shop, a pool, a spa, two motels, muscle men, a drowning child, lifeguards, a rainbow, a beach, roof gardens, and more.

Note: This wasn't a "planned" craft day. It was just an improptu thing I did for my kids and then people just kept showing up... as they tend to do. It was a great activity, because I hardly had to do anything- infact I got a lot of work done on my own painting for... *gasp* my next art show!


Holly said...

ok. you so had to go be cooler than me didn't you? oh wait...maybe you already were!?

Naomi said...

No, you're still cooler Holly... because of your cakes. But as soon as I start making really awesome cakes, then you will have to worry.

Your GA Family said...

Cousin Cole says "where's the Pizza Hut?"

Cousin Ian says it needs a Chick-Fil-A!

Uncle Blake says add a fishing hole.

I say add a Quilt Shop!!

Jamie, Adriane and Olivia said...

Hello! Found your blog via Myspace! We love it. You are so creative. Let me know if we can add a link on our blog to your blog?

Jolleen said...

I'd like to live there minus the drowning child.... can't wait for the next show!