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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Best Weekend

I think I would venture to say that this has been the best weekend of my life. I feel a little bit presumptuous saying that, since the weekend is not over yet, and who knows what fatal event could occur tomorrow and ruin it all. But SO FAR, I think it has been the best weekend of my life, unless I am forgetting about some really good weekend from a long time ago. Since the weekend was so eventful, I believe I will have to break it up into four separate blogs- this being the first, and least eventful, of the four blogs. This was just the introduction. But, you probably read it as the conclusion since blogger posts written at the top of the page.


the AB club said...

I'm very eager to hear what made it the best weekend.

Aunt Donna Mc said...

Based on the above blog posts - Yes, you did have a fantastic weekend! Wahoo and Good for you!
Congrats on the art show and selling your painting.

It startled me to see a VERY familiar Florida face in your blog! Give Gary & Carol a hug from me & we hope to see them at Thanksgiving.

Baseball - Blake says to tell y'all that the Atlanta Braves rule!