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Friday, June 06, 2008


Ok, so I suppose I must have been in a grumpy mood when I said that I wasn't looking forward to the kids being out of school for the summer. We are actually having a pretty good time together. No matter where I live, there never seems to be a shortage of kids to crash my house in pursuit of crafts. That's what I get for being known as the artsy one. This week the neighborhood kids came over and we did my favorite craft: paper mache masks. Being an artistic person myself, sometimes watching a kid do art can frustrate me, because everything in me wants to take over the project and do it for them. But if I stand back and keep myself from taking control, then the kids never cease to amaze and surprise me by the creative ideas they come up with on their own. It's so fun to see how each kids' mask is unique and reflects something about their own personality. Above we have "The Egyptian Diva" by Chloe who is quite a sassy diva herself!

Next is "Jesus" by Cullen who is apparently much more spiritually focused than the rest of us (seriously, he's 5 and thought of that idea all on his own!)
This is "The Easter Egg Fairy Princess Monster" by Roxanne who was extra adamant about me not helping her at all.... and it shows.

This is "The French Kung Fu Master" by Jordan who tends to use Kung Fu moves a little too often for my comfort level.

This is "The Emo Dude" by Juliana who is in constant pursuit of a real hot emo dude to get freaky with.... but for the record, I absolutely don't condone that.

This is "Honey Collogen Lips Anisten" by Traci whom I love because she did this with me even though she's not a kid!

This is "The Friendly Giant" by Rocket who doesn't think this mask is the scariest thing in the world... but everyone else does.

And lastly, this is "Missy Star Pimpleton" by ME who is an amazingly crafty, kid-loving, rockstar of a mama... but don't say you heard that from me.


Mom said...

Those are so cool and I am so proud of you, doing this with a bunch of kids. That is definitely something I never would have had the patience for much less the artistic ability to even do my own. You are a rockstar Mama!!

LottaMadness said...

It was so much fun! Any time you feel like being crafty...I mean artsy...let me know!!

Cindy Lynn Meinert said...

Really, I don't think you will ever stop amazing me!! Your are so frick'n amazing. For the record yours was my favorite! I didn't even know it was your till I read the bottom..... So can I come down for craft day too????? You Rock!
Love Jolleen

Cindy Lynn Meinert said...

Yea, that if Jolleen I'm using someones computer..

the AB club said...

Ok, Naomi, you and Sarah win the mom contest. Doing crafts with other people's kids I think out ranks volunteering for VBS. The closest I came to other people's kids this week was to tell our neighbor girl if she was going to play at my house she can't say shut up.

Aunt Donna said...

WAHOO! Those are tooooo cool! And the fact that you got the neighborhood kids into it makes it all the more fun. You're a brave lady! That could have gone really wonky....but sometimes wonky, wild & wacky is fun.

I may just attempt this with Ian & Cole - just for the summer entertainment value....anything to get them away from the video game stuff!

Bravo to all your budding artists in the neighborhood!

Naomi said...

I'm actually not the angel you all think I am now. I yelled at the kids a lot. I was like "SIT YOUR BUTT DOWN!!! PUT SOME PAINT THERE!! YOU'RE PAINTING TOO FAST- IT'S GONNA SUCK!!! MY MASK IS GONNA BE WAY BETTER THAN ALL OF YOURS!"

Aunt Donna said...

Hahaha - no, none of us are angels, but you had the guts to go-for-it with all those kids. THAT'S not angelic, that's BRAVE! *G*

Sooooo - can you share the basic recipe/instructions on how to make masks? My sister-in-law & I would like to attempt it with all of our pickleheads... AFTER VBS is finished.

Cassie said...

yes, i would love the instructions as well. how did you get your lips so perfect? what did you use to form your nose?
help please!! :)