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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Castle Murals

I spent the last week at my parents' house in the Springs painting murals on their new castle playhouse. It has two huge towers, that my Dad built (it's way cooler than the playhouse he built when he actually had kids of his own at home). On one side of the towers is the "castle courtyard" and on the other side is an "enchanted forest"

These are some of the images on the "castle courtyard" portion of the playground:

Here are some images painted in the "enchanted forest":

Today is Father's Day, and I painted these things for my parents, so now I am declaring it a father's day gift. Happy Father's Day, Dad. You are a talented playground builder.


LottaMadness said...

These are awesome! You are so talented. OK, you're going to have to come over and rub some of that talent on me! BTW, please send me a photo of the whole playground - I'd love to see what it looks like.

Mom said...

You really are an incredible artist and you know what else? Every time you paint something incredible it really glorifies God because there is no way your talent came from dad or I; it came straight from Him. Thank you for all the painting even though it was a gift to dad, I am loving it too!

Naomi said...

Unfortunatly, I don't think I glorify God everytime I paint. But, yeah, if anything ever turns out alright, it certaintly is only by the grace of God.

ceichy said...

Seriously...if I didn't love you I would hate you. PERIOD. END OF STATEMENT. Excpet that I am also really jealous of how cool you are.

Aunt Donna said...

I agree with your mom - incredible. Enjoy your talent, and rest assured, it IS God given. He gave you a gift, and I think you get great joy and satisfaction from giving that gift back in so many way. Enjoy the Blessing.
You Go Girl!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this Father's Day gift. I really appreciate your artistic creations. Without your contributions, this would just be a castle... not a SPECIAL castle. If you had this type of talent when you were 4 years old, I would have built you a similar castle.