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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I had to bite the bullet and tell my butt knuckle balls to suck it up.

This is a conversion I had with Rocket about a week ago:

Rocket: Mom, my balls really hurt.

Mom: Your balls hurt? Why?

Rocket: Well, because I was standing on them a lot in Karate class.

Mom: You were standing on your balls??!!

Rocket: Yeah!! The balls of my feet. I was standing on the balls of my feet.

Mom: Oh! I understand now. I thought you meant your balls... like... your private parts.

Rocket: NO! (laugh) Thats funny- standing on my private parts!

Mom: Yeah, that's why I was confused.

Rocket: Well, here is how you can not get confused. If I say 'butt knuckle balls', then I am talking about my hiney balls. But if I say 'balls', then I mean the balls of my feet.

(I have no clue where he came up with ANY of this terminology)

At this point I burst out laughing

Mom: (while laughing) butt knuckle balls?!!

Rocket: I am serious. It's not funny. (He gives me an angry look which lasts 2 seconds, and then he can't help but start laughing too.)

This last week, we were spending the week in Breckenridge- a vacation that Matt won for us a couple months ago. One day we rented bikes to ride to Dillon (a 25 mile round trip). Rocket rode on a "tag-a-long" which attatches to my bike to turn the bike into a tandem bike. Roxanne rode in a carriage behind Matt. The wind was in my ears as we rode, but I could hear Rocket shouting things to me from behind. At one point we had this conversation:

Rocket: Mom, my butt knuckle balls hurt!!!

Mom: I know, so do mine!!

Rocket: But, Mom, I thought you didn't have any butt knuckle balls!?

Mom: You're right, I don't.

(A few moments pass)

Rocket: Mom, I had to bite the bullet and tell my butt knuckle balls to suck it up!! If yours still hurt, you should do the same thing!

Mom: (laughing so hard) OK!

So, that is how I came up with the title for this blog. I think it is the best title I have had yet. Now, we will just have to extinguish this sort of language before school starts again.


Holly said...

I so need a boy. the end.

ceichy said...

At moments I think I don't want kids, I think I will read this blog over and over again! Because I need funny stuff like this in my life.

Cassie said...

oh my gosh.
that is so freakin' hilarious!!

This is my time.... said...

I'm totally laughing out loud!! That is the funnies conversation ever! I so hope I get to have similar ones!! Still laughing!!! thank you for that today!! Stacy

Michele McGuire said...

Stacy told me to come in and read this and I am laughing so hard I'm crying, I LOVE IT!! It's great to read how you're doing and you look beautiful as always!

Aunt Donna said...

Welcome to the Weird, but Wonderful World of Boys!
I had to remind my 2 that poots are bodily functions, NOT weapons. That's just a small sample of life w/ my 2.
I've always said boys are from another planet...
If Rocket grows up & becomes a proctologist, you need to frame this conversation on the wall of his office. *G* Rocket it just too funny!!!

the AB club said...

That tops every sayings post I have ever done. Toooo funny. I'm often amazed at the things Rocket comes up with.

Nichole said...

At least their good for entertainment:)

stephanie said...

I think you gave me crap about cycling stuff, but you rode a LONG LONG way. You could totally do it. slacker. It also makes me laught to think about future ball conversations that I will have. I take it the ride wasn't very hilly...