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Thursday, May 17, 2012


So the plan is that we're moving... if God wills it so (I always add that to show God that I still know he is in control, so that he doesn't do something drastic to remind me)  This is a dream come true.  The map above is an illustration mostly for people that don't live in Denver so that you can visualize the city.  The blue little car at the bottom represents where we live now- it is a car because living so far south means we spend a lot of time in the car driving north.  The yellow money sign is the house we are under contract to buy.  It is a money sign because moving is as good as winning a bunch of money.  The purple telephone is sort of where Luke and Sarah live.  It's a phone sign because mostly we only communicate through calling and text because we live so far away from each other- it can take an hour or more to get to and from each others homes.  The star is where most of the cool stuff happens in Denver, and thus, we we end up driving to a lot.  Oh, I forgot to add something to show where Matt works.  That's important too- and it's why we couldn't move right into the middle of the star (well... because it's too far from matt's work and because he doesn't make a million dollars a year which is what houses in the middle of the star cost).  Matt's work is like where the two major interstates cross at the bottom of the map. I also didn't add where my parents live.  That would probably be right about at your space key on your keyboard.  But even though we'll be farther from them, they are happy because it will be easier to see both their kids (and grandkids) when they come to Denver without having to go to opposite ends of the city... although I don't think my mom has ever realized how far apart Luke and I live because she often calls me and says "I'm leaving Luke's house now, so I'll see you in 20 minutes"... ummm... more like an hour.
Ok this post is the worst one I've ever posted on my blog.  If I were reading it on someone else's blog, I would have quit by now.  Sorry.
Also, I just noticed when I published this post that for some reason some of my words are being turned into links to advertisements.... lame.  And in the first line, when I say "if God wills it so", the word "wills" is linked to an advertisement about writing a will... making this post even lamer than I thought it was already going to be. 


Anonymous said...

Ummm! Not lame. Super funny. I think God approves too.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh. God is unlined for advertisement too.

jodi duby said...

lame? ...well... you can only go up from here... hehehe:)

Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator said...

I don't see any advertisements so maybe it's been fixed. Oh, and why is my house not on the map?