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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lazy Post

This is a lazy post.  I'm pulling pics over from Facebook to try to update the blog. 

Did a fun body painting event.  Had a PERFECT model.  I also painted a suitcase this same way.  

I'm painting a piano to go on the 16th street mall. 

The 16th street mall is a very touristy location. Most of the people there are tourists or homeless people.  With the pianos on the mall, pianists can play for tips from the tourists. 
The "Downtown Denver Partnership", who arranged this painted piano program rejected my first two designs.  In the below picture my fish is saying "I sleep on the 16th street mall at night" because right now the city is trying to pass an ordinance to ban homeless people from sleeping on the mall at night (currently at night around 200 people sleep on the streets of the outdoor mall).  Some say the ordinance is trying to "shoo" them away to some other neighborhood... some say it's motivated by compassion.  I'm not sure. 

The evil DIA horse is on one side of it... 
And this is the bench: 

The toilet seats finally went up in the penny bathroom: 

All of the seats (minus the ones turned in really really late).  Mine is the open mouth one and the one baby doll face in the lower left.  Roxanne is the one in the lower right and the mona lisa one two over from it. 

One of the stalls: 
Roxanne was Laura Ingalls Wilder for a school presentation.  Isn't she such a darling?!
Over spring break, Roxanne and Elise painted their faces: 
And I used the "percolator" on this picture:
Also.... we are under contract to sell our house.  
I have dreamed my ENTIRE life of not living in Highlands Ranch, and it seems that my life long dream is almost about to come true!!! I really can't believe it, but we haven't actually closed yet (May 22), so I dont want to jinx it by getting my hopes too high.  Haven't started looking for a new house but I have incredible dreams of living closer than 30 minutes away from Denver.  

1 comment:

Cassie said...

i remember when you told me you lived in highlands ranch. i was shocked. it just didn't seem to fit. glad to see your dreams are coming true. :) maybe you could sleep on the 16th street mall for a while if you can't find a house right away. :)
miss seeing you here...