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Monday, December 31, 2012

Testing Blogsy

It's about two hours until 2013 and I am sitting by the cozy fire using my new iPad that I got from my parents for Christmas. I was thinking that the IPad might make my blog (something that used to bring me a lot of joy) a lot easier to maintain. Anything I can do while sitting on the couch is much more likely to get done. However, the IPad means the posts will also be much lower quality- photos taken from my phone's camera and many typos and silly autocorrect.

So I just spent 4.99 on a blogging app called "Blogsy" and after watching the tutorial how to videos, I'm excited to get started and try out some of the great features. First, I'm going to try to pull in a picture- it's supposed to be really easy.

Ah, there. This is a picture of my gingerbread house this year. Remember last years gingerbread party? This year went much better. People took their houses very seriously (probAbly because of my threatening invitation), and there were some amazing results. Here's some of my favorites:

Heather made the super cool sugar skull house. Everything she does turns out beautiful.
This is a trailer park ginger bread house with a white trash nativity scene. Everything is edible except the car. Even the PBR cans and tires lining the driveway.
This picture doesn't show how cool this house that Jodi made is. She used melted jolly ranchers for the stained glass windows and then it lights up from the inside.

This is Rockets "rocket" gingerbread house.

This one Roxanne made. Her and I found these awesome twizzlers at the grocery store that were multicolored.

Well I feel like I'm pushing my luck now and I better go ahead and publish this post. I already lost everything once and had to retype it all. And I need to go get myself a glass of wine so I can be sipping it by the fire when midnight arrives.


How do I make that a bigger font? Oh. Like that.



Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the camera connection kit. It's $30 tiger the one from Apple and its basically a card reader for your iPad. That way you don't have to deal with transfering them through your computer. Matt got me one when he bought me my iPad and I use it all the time. He actually just got one of his own finally, that's how much we think they are worth it.

Jolleen said...

Awesome! Gonna try Blogsy, thanks for the info.