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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shut Up, little BLOG!

Really??? I don't need to take this from you!!! You are an awful blog! I cant stand you! Stop trying to make me feel guilty about having not posted.  I'm not going to let you manipulate me like that.  Stop staring at me every time I have a free second! It's not going to make me feel bad enough to post even though I don't feel like it! Cause really, I hardly ever have a free second.  With trying to sell the house and a bizillion other things, you are like my last priority.  That's right.  You are not that important.  You weren't that good of blog to start with.  You were constantly nagging me and bullying me into doing things I really didn't feel like doing.  I only posted on you to look good for other people anyways.  I don't have to prove myself like that!
OK ok ok.... I'll get to posting again sometime.  But not because you told me to.  Just because I want to.... but maybe I don't! You'll have to deal with that. 

PS This blog title is a reference to the movie "Shut Up Little Man".  I got it off Netflix. Now shut your mouth and go away. 

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