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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Draw Something

If you're not playing "Draw Something" on your phone, you should be. And you should be playing with me. It's way too much fun. It's like pictionary, but better because you play at your convenience (not in real live time), and you get to finish your picture (as opposed to be interrupted as soon as the word is guessed). And you get points that you can buy more colors with!!! Sometimes I play the game against Roxanne at night while she is in bed and I'm downstairs whatching tv (yes... she has her own ipod...). When she stops playing her turn, I know that she must have fallen asleep.
These are some of my favorite drawings that I've done while playing against various people:


Holly said...

that looks nice and addicting! my kinda app

Nikki @ the ambitious procrastinator said...

You're so good at drawing things on your iPhone. I have to use my iPad because I feel like my fingers block my view. Even with the bigger screen you're still a million times better than me.

Aunt Donna Mc said...

Looks like fun! ALMOST makes me want a cell phone/smart phone....yes, I'm the only person on the planet without a cell phone.
Oh well... I guess I just keep doodling on paper during staff meetings. =)