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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Paintings that are Round

This painting I sculpted into the old frame of a thermometer and clock that had been damaged by moisture outside. I removed the middle and salvaged the frame. Then I used wood, paper mache, spackle and hot glue to build up the surface into a semi sculpture... then painted it. I don't think I'll do in again any time soon. It's called "Bottom Dwellers Examine an Unexpected Visitor".

This one I made out of a mirror frame that I got at an auction. I also picked up a second frame just like it, and I hope that when I get around to utilizing that one, I will do a better job. I had hoped the shark baby sacs would inspire a better painting than this one, but that's OK- it was more fascinating in person. I think this one is called "Mama Shark and her Babies."