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Thursday, October 28, 2010

And one that is rectangular

This is my second painting of Rocket. My first one I accidentally gave to my mom and she refuses to let me correct my mistake. While I was painting this one, Rocket instructed me to not make the same mistake again. My goal with this one was to capture the obnoxious enthusiasm that makes Rocket so lovable and so unlovable at times. I think it is what will eventually make him really great at something. Yesterday, a friend on Facebook posted a link to this article which claims that there is a link between overexcitability and the gifted. It says:
A small amount of definitive research and a great deal of naturalistic observation have led to the belief that intensity, sensitivity and overexcitability are primary characteristics of the highly gifted....
One who manifests several forms of overexcitability, sees reality in a different, stronger and more multisided manner.
I can relate to that too. I take comfort in that fact that when no one else thinks my really awesome ideas (like being Windex for halloween) are as awesome as I think they are, it's really just because they are not as smart as me. I'll definitely be pulling that card in the near future.

Yesterday, Rocket came home from school in an overexcited mood. He said that he and his two friends had a really great idea, and he needed my help. He said at recess he and his friends wrote some really hilarious poems, and he just needed me to type them up, because tomorrow they are going to try to sell them and make lots and lots of money!!! He said that this was a really exciting opportunity for me because if I did the typing for them, he would give me one fourth of all the money they made. YEEHAW!!! (the identifying sound of an overexcited person). Here is a few examples of the poems they had written. Please enjoy (but try not to get too overly excited).
There was a wimp
That climbed a chimp
And turned into a shrimp

There was a skunk
That stunk
And climbed under a trunk

There was a ducky that was lucky
Because it lived in Kentucky
And drove a mucky trucky

There was a man
That invented ham

There was a boy named Tommy
Who ate a bucket of salami
To please his mommy


The Shoup Family said...

You have a little entrepreneur on your hands! :)

The Shoup Family said...

I told my hubs about this post, because I knew he would love what a little entrepreneur Rocket is, and he wasnted me to give this link to you. :)


He said he used to be the same way when he was little, and he thinks it's great that you are letting him be that and encouraging him.

The Shoup Family said...
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The Shoup Family said...

I will post it to your facebook :)

Mom said...

I love my painting of Rocket! Now I just have to catch you at a similiarly weak moment to get a painting of Roxanne.

Stacy said...

I could totally see the one about the skunk and the one about Kentucky being bumper stickers...maybe both in Kentucky. He should write some about each state and market them. Fun!