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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

9 Years

It is the 9th anniversary of Matt and I's marriage today, and I think this says a lot:

When I woke up this morning, Matt had left me a card, pretzel M&Ms (which Rocket took credit for) and a cactus- to replace a certain OTHER cactus that I have been mourning over. But I haven't told Jodi about that cactus' death yet. Just so you know, DON'T ever plant a cactus too deep in the soil as an attempt to stabilize it. It won't stabilize the cactus- it will cause the bottom of the cactus to rot and then the whole cactus will die. Maybe if I keep this new cactus until Jodi moves back from Scotland, it will be about the same size as the one that didn't make it.

I stopped by Matt's work to deliver him some quickies... I mean cookies. And I got it right this time- Kroger brand, not Safeway brand. Then I left a message on his car window:

(That's me taking a picture with my phone in the window's reflection). And then I also left a random somebody else a message too:
I might do that more often.

But, lastly, I'd like to treat you to this delightful song, and dedicate it to my love, Matt, on this day. We've lived in three different states, and many different houses over the last 9 years, but home- home is wherever I'm with you.


jody said...

oh my dear. hilarious.
happy anniversary!

Holly said...

hee hee...

happy anniversary!

The AB club said...

Oh man, I thought I had a new secret admirer. It was just some random person leaving messages.

Aunt Donna said...

Happy Anniversary!
Time flies when you're having fun.
Yes...marriage is fun.