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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happiness from my Inbox

I got an email from Rocket's teacher yesterday. When I saw a message from him in our inbox with the subject line "Rocket", I have to admit I thought "uh oh". But when I opened it and read it, I felt sort of teary eyed, and not for a sad reason. This is significant because all the emails I've gotten from Rocket's teachers were not so positive (Rocket loves attention, especially when he's the center of it, even if it is negative attention). And when I came down stairs and said "I just got an email from your teacher", he immediately hung his head, probably because conversations starting like that usually don't go well. But this time was different and it made me so so so so SO happy. Here's the email:

Now I feel as though maybe I should have had Mr. Kollar sign a media release for before posting this to my blog. :/ Oh well.
And I was worried at the beginning of this year that teachers would discriminate against him because of his mullet- especially since it makes it hard for me, his own mother, to be nice to him sometimes- but I'm getting used to it and it's kindof growing on me.
This is him after coming home sick from school on Thursday. He's better now.

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Mops said...

Well some people may think that I am biased but I have thought that about Rocket since the day he was born.