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Monday, October 27, 2008

Number Two and Number Three- CHECK

When I said that I had two more paintings in addition to "Little Miss Religianity" to finish for the show on Saturday, I may have been a little unclear, judging by some of the comments people left. Although they will be in the same show together, the three paintings are unrelated. I have officially finished paintings number two and three, which I worked on simultaneously- when one painting made me angry, I switched to the other, and then back again.

Samone Samokes

I was actually lucky enough to have my own personal fabulous and beautiful model pose for me for this painting. However, I changed the model's name in the title of the painting in order to protect her identity. I am also relying on my painting skills to not be good enough for you to be able to recognize her. If you do recognize her, don't tell her, or I might get in trouble. Although I didn't originally intend for it, I think "Samone's" pose is very symbolic of how we have different sides to our identity, and how we allow some people to see one side and other people to see another (hence the anonymity). The smoke from the cigarette is supposed to form somewhat of a skull, but it didn't end up appearing as obvious as I had planned it to.

Cry Baby

The theme of the show on Saturday is "Monster Mash". Although the parties include a theme, the artwork does not neccessarily have to represent the theme. While I was working on my first painting, Chloe asked me what the theme was, and I told her it was "Monster Mash" but that the theme hadn't inspired anything for me. It must have been a particularly dramatic day as far as temper tantrums in our house, because then Chloe replied "Oh, you know what 'monster mash' reminds me of? Roxanne!" After some thought, I realized that she was right. When Roxanne has a temper tantrum, she is scarier than a monster, and sometimes resembles a monster herself- and as always, I can see some beauty in that! The painting doesn't really look like Roxanne, and perhaps I should have attempted to protect her identity, as I did with "Samone", but what can she do about it? She has made it very clear that she absolutely HATES this painting.

Now that these are out of the way, I have some costume work to do before the weekend....


Nichole said...

These are so great! Let us know how the show goes?

Stacy G. said...

Too fun. I love looking at your paintings. I wish I lived close enough to go to your shows...I totally would!