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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Camping Concoctions

My most recent camping trip inspired a couple more camping concoctions which will surely be included in my cookbook one day. Here they are:


The Smoreo is the marriage of the oreo and the smore. Simply separate the top from the bottom of the oreo cookie, insert roasted marshmallow, and then resandwich the cookie back together. Tada! I suspect that I may not be the first one to discover this goody. It is just too simple.

The Quadruple Stuff Oreo

What could be better than a double stuff oreo? Why, a quadruple stuff oreo ofcourse! Take two double stuff oreos. Remove the tops of both of them, leaving only two bottoms and icing. Discard the tops. Then combine the two bottoms, sandwiching the two double stuffs in the middle, which will double the double stuff. Simple multiplication, yet an extraordinary delicacy!


Jolleen said...

Love it.... I do that with the double stuffed... people think I'm crazy.........mmmmmm double double that's why your so cool!!!

Aunt Donna & Ian said...

Ian says he wants to try pancakes w/ marshmellows....would that be a smorpancake? A mellowcake? Flapsmore?
Whatever we call it, I'll let you know how it tastes. *G*

Naomi said...

Sounds great!! Can I put it in my cookbook? Or is it copyrighted?