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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Puppet Show

Roxanne spent the majority of today producing a puppet show. It entailed making the puppet stage (which was what inspired all this- it is a piece of cardboard that came off the back of a shelf and I was going to throw it away until she got her hands on it), making the puppets, drawing the background for the puppet stage, writing the script, and directing the play (which was mostly ordering Rocket around).

Watch the blooper first because it's better than he real play.


Nikki said...

Omg is she ok?? But really my first reaction was laughter. Why app did you use to film the second one?

Naomi said...

The app for the second one was called "Live Filter". It has a bunch of different cool effects for videos. BUT, you have to film it with the app. You cant take something youve filmed and then make it cool with the app.

But yeah, they were ok. They thought it was funny, and they like to watch it over and over and over again.