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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

At the eye doctor

I'm at the eye doctor. This isn't an important blog post. I should blog about better things. Can blog be a verb? Ofcourse it can, I think.... I am blogging. I feel blogged.

I took these pictures so I could send them to Matt to get his opinion about what frames I should select. I want him to think I'm pretty when I wear my glasses.

Matt texted back: "are you trying to look hipster?" and I said "I'm trying to look like I'm not trying to look like anything". That's a hard look to get. Try it.  It backfires, doesn't it? IF I were trying to look like I was trying to look hipster, I would have chosen frames similar to the ones in picture one, except they would have been darker. You see?
I chose the first ones cause Matt said they made me look younger.
Speaking of looking younger, I never posted a blog about turning 30. I turned 30. I was going to post the "I turned 30" blog after I figured out how to post this slide show my mom made me. It was a slideshow of my entire life and she posted it on my Facebook page the morning of my birthday. Then I went to Village Inn with my friend Cathy, and got a free slice of pie. Then I went to work in Roxanne's class at school and when I walked in the door, all the second graders sang happy birthday to me. I guess roxanne told them it was my birthday. Then that night we went to cicis pizza buffet. That's my favorite restaurant. But they took a long time to get the flip pizza out, which is my favorite flavor. They felt bad that it took so long to get my favorite flavor out so they gave me an extra free buffet coupon and a full flip pizza to take home with me!!

Then on Friday (the day after my birthday) I had friends over to celebrate. Luke and Sarah gave me 20 dollars worth of pennies. Remember, that's what I wanted? Because I'm covering the bathroom walls at church with them- well, I WILL be. But today I worked on covering the inside of the stalls with Bible pages. It took quite a long time. See:

This is the view if you're sitting on the toilet:

I totally underestimated the surface area of the New Testament. By the time I was half way done with one stall, I had used up the entire new testament and had to start using the old. I still have one more stall to go and it's a handicap one so it's bigger. I might have to go steal a Bible from a homeless person again.

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