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Friday, November 04, 2011

Coming soon: 30

As you might know, my 30th birthday is coming up. I think Matt might be planning some sort of surprise, because he changed his Facebook password- which means he is hiding something from me.
I don't like surprises. At all.
Since I'm sure you want to know what to get me, I'm going to post a birthday list here. I already posted it on Facebook, but I guess I should cover my bases.

My birthday list:
1. Caps

Colorful ones. Like the ones pictures above. We do lots of fun things with them. I'm not so interested in beer caps, but my friend Jodi is, so you can give them to her. Did I mention Jodi moved back to town? And had a baby.

2. Box tops for education

Like the one pictured above (except not ones that say "void"). I'm sure you have some in your pantry (unless you collect them yourself). On Mondays I sometimes go through neighbors recycling bins to find these. Oh, and contrary to what they're called, they're not always on boxes, and not always on top. Sometimes there on cans, or the side of boxes. I'm going to make a collage out of them. Just kidding.

3. Pennies

They aren't worth very much, so why don't you just give them to me? I am going to use these in our church's new women's bathroom. (Not a bathroom for new women- a new bathroom, for women). I would like to completely cover the walls with pennies. Shiny ones. Not shiny ones. I think it will be beautiful.

4. Opaque colored plastic bottles

So that I can make something like this picture. I prefer pretty colors- cause white ones are easy to find. They need to be opaque too- like a mustard bottle. But I've found that I usually find good ones in cleaning supplies, laundry and dish detergent and toiletry bottles. And give me the caps too. Please.

5. Used magazines

Or unused ones. Just ones you don't want anymore. This is a picture of a stack of magazines Nikki Kelly gave me. And there is her cat "tubs" next to the magazines- she didn't give me the cat. I like to cut things out of magazines and keep a file of things I've cut out of magazines. My file comes in handy all the time. Kids love to make collages with it. I also brought it to the arc employees and they enjoyed creating pictures out of them. It's good because almost no one is as good at cutting things out as I am. It's my gift. But this way anyone can enjoy creating funny collages with the stuff I've cut out- and it won't look crappy like it would have if they'd cut the stuff out.
Something else I got from Nikki Kelly: the idea to ask questions at the end of each of my blogs. I don't necessarily care if you answer though. So here's the questions:
  • -What the best or worst thing about turning 30?
  • -Is there any kind of trash you'd like me to save for you? I like giving people trash, because it's cheap.
  • What's the coolest thing you've ever made out of trash?
  • What's in your trash can right now?
  • Do you know any secret information about what Matt might be hiding from me?
  • If so, what is it?

I think I've forgotten some things on my wishlist. Come back later to see if I've added something ok?

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Matt said...

Don't get your hopes up